Baseball Lines

May 9th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball lines have a small but passionate following of gamblers that bet them regularly. These gamblers specialize in MLB odds and are quite successful as they have developed excellent ways of isolating value on the board. MLB lines are based on pitching, which it has been said is ninety percent of the game, but this factor has changed over the years.

Yes, pitching is still quite important, but it is also no longer a matter of simply betting on the starting pitcher when you wager on baseball lines. Starting pitchers, unlike a generation ago, rarely finish games. In fact, they usually don’t get past the sixth or seventh inning, which means that there is considerable money to be made for the gambler betting MLB lines that quickly can evaluate a team’s bullpen and how they will perform. The relief staff of a team is every bit as important as the starting pitcher, particularly from a handicapping perspective when you bet MLB lines.

The sportsbooks have also adjusted their baseball lines considerably from what they used to be a decade or so ago. Gamblers looking at MLB odds used to make a living betting the power favorites, who were rarely favored by more than -$200 for $100 MLB odds. Nowadays, however, there are habitual overlays in MLB odds on the best teams and pitchers, especially when they are playing at home, as gamblers will often have to lay out well over -$300 for $100 when a power team is playing a poor one in MLB lines.

It must be understood that when you bet baseball lines that the season is a marathon unlike any other that you will encounter, as each week will feature well in excess of seventy games. That makes for two-hundred-eighty or so side and total possibilities each week in baseball lines. What this should tell you is that being choosy and selective is of paramount importance when you bet baseball lines. There is never a need to settle for anything, therefore, and you should only play the very highest percentage plays on the board as there will be several top shelf wagers during the week when you bet MLB lines.


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