Baseball Lines Preview: MLB All Star Game 7/13

May 9th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

It’s that time of year again when the baseball lines action comes to a grinding halt and the MLB wagering schedule is put on hold. It’s the time of year when teams start going berserk with trades and trying to assess their chances of making the baseball odds post season.  And it’s also the time of year the entire baseball lines community focuses on the annual MLB All Star Game competition with best baseball players in the world converging on the same field for one night to celebrate their collective talent.

The National League and American League will square off this year in Los Angeles as the LA Angels host this year’s MLB All Star game.  This baseball lines matchup might feature the best baseball players in the world but from a Baseball Lines Preview baseball odds perspective this can be one of the most difficult games of the season to try and handicap.

In recent years the AL has dominated the Mid Summer Classic and if you’re looking to bet on the All Star game this year it’s probably not a bad to bet on the AL winning this baseball odds competition again this year.  For the past two decades the AL has cleaned the clock of the NL and with the team’s latest wins in 2009 the AL winning streak is at 12 games in a row.

The baseball odds makers have certainly taken this into their calculations and you don’t even need to be a baseball betting experts to understand that the AL is the favorite in Tuesday’s Baseball Lines Preview game.

The AL pitching tends to be better and this year the AL’s entire pitching staff is basically taken from the AL East (or more specifically the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox pitchers), a total of eight of the 15 pitchers are from these three teams.  And for the same reason why the AL tends to win the inter-league matchups they team’s DH is almost always more effective.

But this year at least the NL has the upper hand in the starting pitching with aces Josh Johnson and Usbaldo Jimenez dominating batters all year long.  If these two pitchers can get off to a good start, the NL might actually be able to break their losing streak in this year’s All Star baseball odds contest.


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