Baseball Gambling Totals

Baseball gambling handicappers sometimes look at betting baseball totals instead of betting baseball sides.

One of the things you can do when betting baseball totals is to compare the various MLB betting lines each day. Baseball gambling players have great choices at online sportsbooks. They can bet sides, totals, run lines, parlays and sometimes propositions. 

Totals are one area of MLB betting that is really easy to understand.  You just worry about how many runs are scored in the game. If you like to see runs scored then you might like overs in baseball gambling. If you like pitching duels then unders might be for you in MLB betting.

You always want to get the best possible number in baseball gambling for your totals.  Unlike sides, getting the best total can be important. With sides it is only a matter of money, not wins and losses. For example, if the Mets are -150 and they win the game it doesn’t really matter whether you laid -160 or -140. That is not the case with baseball gambling totals. Let’s say that the total on a game is 9 in baseball gambling and there are some 9.5 numbers out there on the game. If you bet the under then getting a 9.5 is critical if the total lands on 9 in baseball gambling. Turning pushes into wins, losses into pushes and even losses into wins is very important as you bet baseball totals and that means looking for the best numbers.

Many baseball gambling players will bet the total regardless of the number but professional gamblers won’t. They want a number that is better than the MLB betting lines they set. The average gambler doesn’t care that much as he will bet a game regardless of the number but that doesn’t mean that getting the best number is not important.

Totals are an area of baseball gambling that should not be ignored if you want to make money. Many gamblers only look at sides but totals are more cost effective, just as exciting and can present you with better opportunities in baseball gambling than sides. Look at betting over/unders today in baseball gambling.