Baseball Betting Yankees at Minnesota on Sunday, March 7

May 10th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball preseason betting is always interesting on the New York Yankees. The defending World Series champs get attention every time they take the field.  This MLB betting contest on Sunday will be a split squad game so not all of the top players will be in the lineup.

Baseball preseason betting on Minnesota should also be fun as the Twins are a contender in the American League Central.  The Twins are the home team in this split squad baseball preseason betting game so you can expect more of their regulars to play. One player that sometimes goes under the radar for the Twins in baseball preseason betting is Michael Cuddyer. You might not know that he led the Twins last year in home runs and was second in doubles. He was third in hits and fourth in RBIs.  Cuddyer carried the Twins at times last year, especially when Justin Morneau was hurt. Cuddyer hit .276, had 32 home runs and 94 RBIs and easily could have been the Twins most valuable player yet Joe Mauer won the league MVP.

“I’m not a guy who seeks individual accolades or individual notoriety or any of that stuff,” said Cuddyer, “What drives me is winning. As long as my teammates respect me and my coaches respect me, I’m happy with that.”   His manager Ron Gardenhire knows that the Twins would not have won the Central Division without Cuddyer. “We would’ve definitely not won our division if it hadn’t been for Michael Cuddyer.” Gardenhire said. Morneau was definitely happy to have Cuddyer last year. “The things he does for this baseball team are amazing,” Morneau said. “He’s our best baserunner, he comes to play every day, he’s definitely one of the main leaders in this clubhouse, he’ll play anywhere you ask him to, he’ll do anything you ask him to and he loves the game.”

Minnesota is a threat this year in MLB betting with Morneau healthy along with MVP Mauer, Cuddyer and newcomers Orlando Hudson, J.J. Hardy and Jim Thome. “On paper it looks good,” Cuddyer said. “But I’m not one who really gets caught up on paper, because there’s been years where we come in and, on paper, it doesn’t even look like we’re going to finish in the division in the top three, and we go out and win the division.”

The Twins still have to win their division though and they also have to beat the Yankees and that is not easy to do, even in baseball preseason betting.


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