Baseball Betting Trends

May 10th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting trends are one of the most popular handicapping tools for bettors to look at. MLB  betting may contain trends that vary from time to time or bet to bet. You must remember though when looking at baseball betting that trends can change.  Another factor to remember is that trends are sometimes factored into the MLB betting line.

Baseball betting can have more trends than any other sport. When betting baseball, or any sport for that matter, it is important to realize that certain teams have other team’s “number” and that certain pitchers do well against other teams. This also goes the other way as there are some odd occurrences in which poor pitchers have a certain team that, for whatever reason, they own in MLB betting trends. It is not a good idea in baseball betting to try and second guess such trends.

When a trend bothers you or takes you off your rhythm as a MLB betting gambler, sometimes its best to simply walk away and pass on the game, knowing that there will be plenty of other opportunities not just on that day but in the immediate future. Now if you are dead set against sticking with a trend in baseball betting, there are certain clues that you can use that will either keep you off the game entirely or perhaps even tip you off that the streak is about to end in baseball betting. For example, let’s say that a pitcher “owned” a certain team in previous seasons in baseball betting. However, since the last time that they met, this team has since acquired a couple of hitters that used to own that pitcher’s team from their days with a previous club.

All of a sudden you have a significant change in the equation that must be taken into account in baseball betting. Another example would be a pitcher that was blasted by a team over and over again through the years, but now faces that same team that is minus the key sluggers from that lineup that battered him in the past. All of a sudden, the baseball betting math is, once again, different and may lead to a different equation.

Eventually, nearly all MLB betting trends end but they may last for a long time before they do and the baseball betting graveyard is full of bankrolls that were thrown away by baseball betting gamblers trying to defy what was right before their eyes.


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