Baseball Betting Thoughts

May 10th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting players who take up the challenge of betting baseball must not allow themselves to get too wrapped up into relying on patterns or trends. The ever-changing baseball landscape of free agency and roster turnover makes looking at trends and certain handicapping factors less important than they used to be. Trend handicapping in baseball betting may have a role in certain major areas such as franchises that continuously struggle against a particular opponent season after season, but still it must be used with caution by sports betting players.  For example, if a team struggled at Oakland against the Athletics over the past few seasons, they may not encounter the same difficulty the next year because of the roster turnover.

Not all trends are worthless though.  One that seemed to stand the test of time for sports betting players was to oppose the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs, as they continually choke every baseball betting season. Sports betting players must constantly monitor roster changes and watch the differences that new players will make.

The New York Yankees are a very public team and almost always have inflated prices because of their huge following.  The Yankees are also usually very good, but their prices are often so high that taking them is not worth the risk.  It only takes one loss by the Yankees to ruin two victories.  No matter how good a team is, winning 2 of every 3 is not going to happen on a regular basis often enough to make you a profit. It is important for the informed sports betting player to try an isolate when the Yankees are in their best role, and that is not necessarily as a favorite. The Boston Red Sox are the other huge public team because of their following and you run into the same problem, although not quite to the extent of the Yankees, and that is they are very often overpriced.

When you are betting baseball you must realize that teams like New York and Boston are going to be overpriced.  That does not mean, however, that you can’t take them.  You just must be a little more careful in laying the big numbers.  There will be opportunities to bet on these teams, just not at the ridiculous prices that the sportsbooks sometimes put up.  Look for spots where the price is reasonable and then take the power.  Unfortunately the trend in baseball recently has been that large market teams rule.  You need to understand this fact as you bet baseball this season.  Perhaps you can find some spots to take advantage of this fact, but at least you can avoid the high priced traps sportsbooks put up on a regular basis.


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