Baseball Betting season off and running

April 26th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball Betting is underway it promises to be one of the most exciting yet in the era of online baseball betting. MLB  betting has long been a national treasure. Throughout the history of the sport from the most archaic form of MLB betting imaginable all the way to the modern trappings of online MLB betting, the sport has thrived.

MLB betting fans have been looking forward to the start of the season since the final out of the 2007 World Series was recorded some five months ago. Spring training is complete, winter is finally drawing to a near and the blooming of spring and MLB betting are on the way. The past off-season was full of free-agent movement and some power shifting within the divisions, but for the most part 2008 should not bring all that many surprises for most informed online baseball betting fans.

All the top contenders, at least on paper are the same as they’ve generally been over the past few MLB betting seasons. There have been no real major changes to any of the divisional races and baseball betting fans should enjoy the same great intense competition that they saw last season. Last year’s defending champs, the Boston Red Sox, should once again be formidable, the same as they’ve been for the past decade of MLB betting. And of course their heated rivalry with their hated MLB betting rival the New York Yankees will be well documented.

But at the dawning of new MLB betting season there is also the element of the unknown, the incalculable possibility for something really crazy to happen and all the excitement that that creates within the online baseball betting universe. It’s that same potential for anything to occur that makes the beginning of the MLB betting season so amazing.

Could this be the year we see a Devil Rays-Pirates World Series in MLB betting? Could this be the year that A-Rod hits 90 homeruns? Could this be the year that the Mets win 120 games? Nobody knows, but for that brief instant when the new MLB betting season remains a mystery, at least no one can offer a definitive negation to any of those possibilities and that potential for excitement makes the baseball betting universe the most exciting place on the planet.


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