Baseball Betting Preview: Dodgers at Braves

September 6th, 2017 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting is always better when it’s amongst division contenders. The Dodgers have been leading the NL West bet on baseball action for long that they’re hardly thought of as contenders and it’s more or less a foregone conclusion they take the baseball betting division title.

But the Braves are scrapping together a respectable season and will try to improve their baseball betting odds as contender and close the gap in the NL East with a win against the LA Dodgers on August 2nd.

Baseball betting pundits didn’t expect much from Atlanta at the beginning of the bet on baseball year, however slowly but surely the team has strung together a few wins and now finds itself in second place in the NL East baseball betting standings just 5.5 games behind the world champ Phillies. The Braves starting pitching has been the foundation of the team’s success and the bull pen has played its part as well.

The weak link in the baseball betting equation has been the offense. It stinks. Veteran Chipper Jones is the team’s power plant with a whopping 11 HRs. But it’s the final score, not style points that determine the bet on baseball outcomes and the Braves have been the right of these more often than not (49-46).

The Dodgers have been a dominant baseball betting force from day one. Even with 50-game suspension of Manny Ramirez the team seemed to get better. Juan Pierre was terrific in his stead and many baseball betting fans would like to see him back on the field on a regular basis. But there’s no denying the impact of Manny, who just hit his 21st grand slam (2nd all time in history) as pinch hit walk off game winner.

The Braves only tactical advantage is the here is home field. No matter whom they put up on the mound the Dodgers are going to score runs. It’s unlikely the Braves are going to produce many runs as their offense is one of the weakest in baseball betting. But somehow they manage to get the bet on baseball victories that no one expects them to.

Still, there is very high probability that the Dodgers will take this baseball betting match up. The Dodgers are a very strong road team (28-19) and the baseball betting odds favor the team to chalk up another road win in Atlanta.

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