Baseball Betting Online

Baseball betting online begins by looking at the starting pitchers. Is baseball betting solely dependant upon the starting pitcher?

Many people start and end their baseball handicapping with the starting pitcher, but that is not always a good idea. Let’s look at other baseball betting online factors.

Baseball betting online is far too dependant on starting pitchers. It is not only the bettors that do their handicapping based entirely on starting pitchers, but it is the baseball betting oddsmaker as well. Oddsmakers don’t consider any other factor when making their baseball betting line and that is definitely a mistake.

Let’s look at some examples. When a great pitcher like Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb, Johan Santana or Josh Beckett is pitching, very often the baseball betting online odds are inflated because they are on the mound. What also happens with the baseball betting line is that when a pitcher doesn’t live up to his reputation there is a ton of value on the other side. The oddsmaker makes his baseball betting online odds based on the starting pitcher and nothing else.

Let’s look at the baseball betting online odds from a different point of view. What if we have a very good team with just average starting pitchers? This team is almost always going to be undervalued. Since the oddsmaker makes his baseball betting online odds based on starting pitching, a team that is very good that doesn’t have the marquee starters will be undervalued. Look at teams like St. Louis or the White Sox. Their pitching is good, but they don’t have the “star power” names that teams like Boston or New York might have. This makes them attractive plays even without the star pitchers in baseball betting online.

When we look at baseball betting online it is beneficial to look beyond the starting pitcher. We need to do a better job than the oddsmaker and look at bullpens, home/away numbers, team batting, and even umpires when we consider baseball betting online. You won’t see the baseball betting online oddsmaker doing any of these things. Perhaps that is why baseball is a sport where the sportsbooks actually can lose money.