Baseball Betting on the Braves at Marlins Game

May 15th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting is the only game in town for the next few weeks. With no World Cup, the Tour de France ending, and the NFL preseason yet to get underway, a bet on baseball is the best thing going. On Thursday July 30th one of the more interesting baseball options on the board is the Braves at the Marlins.

Baseball novices are not likely to be aware of these two team’s place in the greater bet on baseball world and admittedly this rivalry is a second tier battle in terms of important pennant competitions, but nonetheless there are big implications at stake. Both of these NL East teams are chasing the division leading Phillies in the baseball standings. The Braves (48-46) actually have a slight half game lead over the Fish (48-47). The Braves trail the mighty Phillies by 6.5 games in the standings while the Fish lag by 7 games.

With each Phillies in these two team’s collective bet on baseball chances of making the post season grow slimmer. Realistically the Phillies would have to get on an awful losing streak for either team to have a legitimate shot at the baseball division title. But it could happen as the Phillies are one of the streakiest teams and the Braves and Marlins are well aware.

The Fish have been in an awful rut of late after being swept by the Phillies at home in a recent bet on baseball series and going just 5-5 over their past 10 baseball betting outings. The Braves have been surging since the All-Star break and are 7-3 over the past 10 baseball betting match ups.

The Marlins biggest weakness has been its starting rotation. And it’s been a big problem. All-star Josh Johnson has been the only consistent pitcher in the rotation and it’s a mystery as to whose going to get the start every night. The Braves, as always, have crafted together a very competitive starting group in the baseball . Led by Derek Lowe this group has picked up the slack for one of the weakest batting line ups in baseball . Chipper Jones leads this club with just 11 HRs, an eyesore.

If Johnson is on the mound the Marlins win this baseball betting match up. If it’s another one of Florida’s unpredictable rubber arms, it’s anybody’s guess as to who wins this baseball betting showdown.