Baseball betting odds: Giants vs. Padres Preview

May 16th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting odds have seen some bad teams over the past few years but few teams have been as consistently bad as the San Diego Padres over the past five baseball odds seasons.

The team is off to another rotten start to the season but with plenty of season left, there’s no reason for Padres sportsbook fans to panic just yet. The team can start to right its path when it hosts the Giants in a May 19th baseball betting odds match up. MLB betting odds fans have watched as the San Francisco Giants have gotten off to a fairly strong start in the baseball odds. Trailing only the red hot Dodgers in the NL West the Giants have the look of team that could still be around in the baseball betting odds come September and October.

Led by one of the best young pitchers in baseball, Tim Lincecum, this team has potentially one of the best starting rotations in NL baseball betting odds. Matt Cain has been a revelation against most competition this year keeping is ERA to a miniscule 2.61. If Barry Zito and the aging Randy Johnson can return to form, this team will be a formidable presence in the NL West baseball betting odds division and beyond. Closer Brian Wilson has also gotten the job done in the MLB odds racking up eight saves. As always, run support has been something of a weak spot for the Giants, but Benji Molina is off to a red hot start (8 HRs, 2.88). Pablo Sandoval has the look of a potential All Star.

The Padres on the other hand haven’t had much to brag about against MLB betting odds competition. With a 13-20 sports betting record, the team is already 8.5 games back in the standings. A relief pitcher leads the team in baseball betting odds wins and usually reliable ace Jake Peavy has seen his ERA balloon to 4.27 against the baseball odds competition. But what’s even sadder is the fact that that’s the lowest ERA among the team’s regular starters.

At the plate the Padres’ don’t have much to offer baseball betting odds enthusiasts either. The only danger for opposing pitchers is Adrian Gonzalez who is off to an all-star caliber start to the MLB betting odds season, batting .301 with 11 HRs and 24 RBIs. The rest of team’s bats have been impotent thus far in the MLB batting competition and they’ll have to catch fire soon if this team is to have any shot at the post season.

Look for the Giants to demolish the Padres in what should be a low scoring MLB betting odds matchup.

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