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May 17th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

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MLB  betting is something many recreational and professional sports betting gamblers do on a regular basis each spring and summer. Most of them deal with the traditional money lines when they make their baseball bets but some of the also incorporate run lines into their MLB  betting.

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Many 2007 MLB  betting players that bet baseball ignore the run line entirely when looking at the MLB baseball betting line.  They just don’t see it as a plausible 2007 MLB baseball betting option.  Let’s take a look at baseball run lines and explain why they can work for you when reading MLB betting lines.

Run lines are offered on the MLB betting line so that baseball bettors that like the favorite can risk a lower amount in exchange for giving the extra run.  Let’s say you like the Red Sox against the MLB  betting odds and they are a -200 favorite.  On the run line they will probably be near even money or -120.  You now have to win the game by 2 runs to win your bet, but at least you are not laying -200 in the game on the MLB betting line. The only way the run line hurts you is if the Red Sox win by exactly one run.  Every other outcome is good news for you as a baseball bettor that played the run line in MLB betting online.

If the Red Sox win by two runs or more you win against the MLB  betting line.  If they lose the game you only lose $120 instead of $200 against the MLB baseball betting line.  For some 2007 MLB betting players another advantage to playing the run line is that they get plus money.  If the favorite in the regular betting line is -170 or less you will probably get plus money if you play the run line and lay the 1.5 runs on the MLB baseball line.

What about taking the run line in MLB betting online?  Is that extra run worth it?  We know that laying the extra half run gives us a bargain price so getting the extra run makes us lay more money in MLB betting online.  For example, let’s say that the Dodgers are a +120 underdog against the Padres on the baseball  line.  If we take the Dodgers on the run line we get +1.5 runs but we might have to lay -180 or so on the MLB betting line.  The only time the run line helps you at +1.5 runs is when the underdog team loses by exactly one run.  In every other instance in baseball  odds it is of no benefit.  If the Dodgers win the game outright we collect only $100 instead of $120.  If the Dodgers lose the game by 2 runs or more we lose $180 instead of $100.  We have to remember that the only time getting the extra run matters is when we lose the game by exactly one run in MLB betting online.

You should be aware that betting the run line as you look at Major League Baseball betting lines has some differences versus playing the regular money line in baseball betting odds.  Remember that if you are laying the -1.5 runs at home you only get 8 at bats to cover that -1.5 runs because if you need that last at bat in the 9th in means you are either trailing or tied as you look at Major League Baseball  lines.  Many bettors only will play the run line laying -1.5 on the road looking at baseball lines because of this fact.  That doesn’t mean they are right in doing so.  Home teams are favored for a reason and laying the extra run at home in baseball betting odds with a solid favorite might be the way to bet on the MLB betting line.

The best idea for run lines in 2007 MLB betting is to lay the run and a half.  Taking the 1.5 just does not pay off in the long run on the baseball line. When you are reading  betting lines you want to pick more winners than losers.  You also have to pick even more winners than in other sports when laying the bigger prices on the MLB betting line.  That is why the run line can be helpful to you when looking at Major League  lines. Playing the run line and laying the extra run at even money or plus money gives us the opportunity to play those power teams and power pitchers at a lower price on the MLB betting line.  If we only win the game by one run then we had bad luck, but in the long run we are better off laying the cheaper price than laying -200 or more every game when considering Major League  betting lines.


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