Baseball Betting Lines Value

May 17th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting lines show favorites and underdogs on the board every day during the season. As you look at the MLB odds you will constantly hear people talking about value. It is a word that you are bombarded with anytime you are talking about baseball lines and yet so few people understand what value is or how to bet with value. Baseball  lines value is something you constantly search for. Ultimately, however, you don’t just want to bet with value, your goal is to have added-value. What is added value in terms of baseball betting lines? Let’s say that a team is favored by -150 in baseball lines but you believe they should be -200.  That is added value as such a team is favored at a much lower price than they should be in baseball betting lines.

Let’s say there is a matchup in which the total is 9, and you want to bet the under. You find a total of 10. That is an added value bet because you are betting an under with a better total than the number you made in baseball lines. Let’s say that you wanted to take a team on the money line that is +120 but you believe they should be favored in baseball lines. That is an added value play because you are getting a great price.

Added value even extends to the odds on futures. Let’s say that you want to take a team at 5/1 to win the World Series and the MLB odds are actually 6/1. That is an added value play because you are getting extra MLB odds, beyond what is warranted in baseball lines. Let’s take a team on the futures over/under season win total. You might have a team in baseball betting lines that you believe will win only 82 games yet their total is 85.  You could bet under that number in baseball lines and get great value.

Ultimately, the equation of added value is simply what the line should be, compared to what the line actually is. The greater the difference, the greater the added-value will be in MLB odds.


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