Baseball Betting Limits

May 17th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting begins with an outline of dos and don’ts that a gambler himself must draw up, impose, and then vow to live by. Baseball betting preparation begins before the season even starts. Part of beating the baseball betting odds is setting limits as to how far you will go as a gambler before you have the self discipline to walk away. Setting limits is imposing discipline that should, ultimately, keep you out of trouble in MLB betting and minimize your losses.

Baseball betting limits should be set with the idea of limiting mistakes, risk and loss. There are some things that are simply out of bounds in baseball betting and these common mistakes should simply be eliminated even before it’s possible to make them. First, in baseball betting, the gambler should decide an amount that is his limit as far as how much he will lay on a favorite. A gambler should simply refuse to ever lay -300 on any team at any time, regardless of the circumstances in MLB betting. Sure, when a powerhouse team like the New York Yankees is playing Kansas City, it’s tempting to rationalize and say, “Laying three-hundred is high, but it’s still more than likely to win.” You would actually be surprised how many times such games end up losing and setting a baseball betting bankroll back for several days, if not weeks, as a result. A good general price to consider as the maximum that you will bet in baseball betting is in the -150 range. That number is in the comfort zone of most gamblers that get involved in baseball betting.

By the same token, you should try and come up with a limited amount of bets per day in baseball betting. That could mean you limit yourself to a couple of games per day in MLB betting. There are around 14 to 15 baseball games every day and it is a baseball betting gambler’s job to be selective, as there will be solid sides or totals offered throughout the week in baseball betting.  If you are not going to limit your sides in baseball betting at least limit the amount of bankroll you put at risk everyday.  That is a must if you want to survive during the long baseball season.


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