Baseball Betting Heats up for Summer of 2019

March 12th, 2019 MLB Baseball, Online Wagering

Encompassing the offer of daily action with multiple opportunities is Baseball Betting.  In view of 30 teams playing 162 games apiece betting action is constant.  And the 2019 championship season will run from March 20 through October 30, 2019. Last year the Boston Red Sox took the World Series championship.  Boston will attempt to become the first repeat champion since the New York Yankees won three consecutive titles from 1998 through 2000.  For that reason, the issue of parity and wild cards have become much more of a handicapping equation.

Baseball Dynamics Changes

Not withstanding the long season Baseball betting dynamics have dramatically changed.  Indeed, the advent of wild card teams for the playoffs shuffles the deck. On the whole a team that limps in to the one game wild card can move on to ruin a more consistent team that posted a division championship.  What’s more the days of a team like the Yankees dominating are clearly over.  Consider impossible dream champions of recent years.  Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros are names that have shocked gamblers and fans as World Series champions.

Name Brands

More emphatically a significant online wagering factor in Major League Baseball is name brands.  Consider that the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers are perennial overlays on the board.  In sum these teams have the ability, history, and nationwide fan bases that often drive down their wagering value.

LA Dodgers

Cause by this overlay danger is the example of the Dodgers.  Despite the fact that Los Angeles went 92-71 last year they were among the biggest bankroll busters on the board.  It follows that LA drowned gamblers in red ink with a Baseball Betting mark of -2283 units. Not withstanding a playoff season the Dodgers lost vast amounts of cash for their backers.  To demonstrate as to why its quite simple.  Los Angeles is simply too popular with too many fans to offer any real wagering value.


Along the same lines the Yankees finished 100-62 for the 2019 season as a playoff team.  Yet the Bronx Bombers lost -950 units on the MLB betting board.  Too many casual fans that knew little about the details of the game flock to the Yankees based entirely on name brand.  To begin with, few teams get the media coverage of the Pinstripes.  Escaping Yankees news is next to impossible.  Ever since the late great George Steinbrenner bought the franchise in 1973 has this been the case.  Consistent with that is social media and the internet feeding the Yankee beast.

Different MLB Opportunities

Extending the appeal of Major League Baseball gambling are the different ways that you can participate.  Run lines have become a highly popular way to bet on the National Pastime.  Instead of laying big money odds on favorites gamblers can instead lay a run and a half or so, often at plus money.  For one thing the run lines are a great strategy to avoid overlays.  As was previously noted some of the marquee brands are very expensive on the money line.  The run line offers a more affordable way to take such clubs.

MLB Betting Futures

Meanwhile futures betting is a great way to have action every day on Major League Baseball while making just one solitary bet.  Increasingly this has become a popular betting method for busy gamblers on the go.

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