Baseball Betting in Flux for 2020

Baseball Betting in Flux for 2020

June 18th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Sports Betting

COVID-19 has taken Major League Baseball to the brink. Owners and the players association have battled all spring for a return plan. Of great concern should be how baseball is seen by a suffering American public. As millions have lost their jobs baseball has its proverbial “millionaire vs. billionaires” pettiness. Certainly, the American public is starved for baseball betting. Baseball would be a welcome daily diversion in this time of tumult. If baseball does return for 2020 it is already badly damaged. However, if it does not there may be no return to relevance ever again.

Odds to Win the 2020 World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers ++375
New York Yankees +400
Houston Astros +650
Atlanta Braves +1300
Minnesota Twins +1600
Tampa Bay Rays +1800
Washington Nationals+1800
Philadelphia Phillies +2000
St. Louis Cardinals +2000
Chicago Cubs+2200
Cleveland Indians +2200
New York Mets +2200
Cincinnati Reds +2500
Oakland Athletics +2500
Boston Red Sox +3000
Chicago White Sox +3000
Milwaukee Brewers +3000
Los Angeles Angels +3300
Arizona Diamondbacks +4000
San Diego Padres +4000
Texas Rangers +8000
All Other Teams +10000 or More

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2020 World Series Championship Odds Overview and Analysis

Fashion that two of the biggest cities and payrolls are the sports betting favorites to win the World Series. Both the Dodgers and Yankees are loaded with deep rosters and pockets. While the Astros have been top tier with the highest level of recent results. The wild card to the 2020 season will be a shortened schedule. Along the same lines will be the factor of additional playoff teams.

When handicapping games, the question will be if top teams such as the Dodgers and Yankees will coast. That is because a mere .500 record will gain the playoffs. Contrarily lesser teams may do better than expected as elite clubs coast to the postseason. All of which makes for gamblers walking a tight rope. Handicapping the 2020 campaign will make for an intriguing challenge.

Changing Dynamics for Yankees and Red Sox

As a result of signing the 2019 Cy Young Award winner Gerrit Cole did the Yankees reach a new level of esteem. New York is a perennial favorite but the arrival of Cole busted the baseball Betting bank. Gamblers flocked to the futures board at the announcement. Of course, the Bronx Bombers are a perennial contender. This leads to the question of wagering value. Should New York coast to the playoffs, gamblers will drown in red ink because of steep prices. Yet this is a realistic possibility.

By contrast, New York’s ancient rival Boston seems to be downsizing. Mookie Betts was shipped by the Red Sox to the Dodgers. Boston’s ownership group has grown weary of writing huge checks. Now with the likelihood of no revenue from closed Fenway Park that directive looks-wise. Boston may be stronger than expected board value. Prices will be far lower on the Red Sox. Such as it is Boston still has a better roster than most.

Red Ink for Dodger Blue?

Commencing with the 2015 season has Los Angeles lost money in three of the last five seasons. Even though they won the National League West all five times. Consider that in 2018 the Dodgers went 92-71 but lost -2283 units. Cause by the massive board overlay on LA set by oddsmakers. Hence the wagering public has bet all value out of the Dodgers. Especially dangerous is the 2020 scenario of a short season with increased playoffs.

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