Baseball has been Delayed but Not Cancelled

Baseball Betting COVID-19 Delayed but Not Cancelled

March 16th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Online Betting

As is the case with all other professional sports the COVID-19 crisis will delay and alter the Major League Baseball season. Naturally, speculation is running rampant about how the Big Leagues are going to handle the start of the season and all that follows. Of course, the good news is that the season was not already in progress. It is reasonable to expect most of the 162-game baseball betting schedule will be played. With that in mind, there are a lot of baseball-related issues to prepare for.

2020 Major League Baseball COVID-19 Update

World Series Championship Baseball Odds at SBG:Los Angeles Dodgers 3/1, New York Yankees 7/2, Houston Astros 8/1, Atlanta Braves 16/1, Minnesota Twins 16/1, New York Mets 16/1, Washington Nationals 18/1, Chicago Cubs 20/1, Cincinnati Reds 20/1, Tampa Bay Rays 20/1, Cleveland Indians 25/1, Los Angeles Angels 25/1, Oakland Athletics 25/1, Boston Red Sox 30/1, St. Louis Cardinals 30/1, Philadelphia Phillies 40/1, Chicago White Sox 50/1, Milwaukee Brewers 50/1, San Diego Padres 50/1, Arizona Diamondbacks 60/1, Texas Rangers 100/1, Colorado Rockies 300/1, Pittsburgh Pirates 300/1, Toronto Blue Jays 300/1, San Francisco Giants 500/1, Seattle Mariners 500/1, Kansas City Royals 500/1, Miami Marlins 500/1, Baltimore Orioles 1000/1, Detroit Tigers 1000/1

Bet Now on this Game

2020 Major League Baseball COVID-19 Betting Update

Although there are no games until further notice there is still plenty of online betting opportunities available. Futures betting for the World Series, American, and National League Pennants, and division titles are still being offered to gamblers. Many baseball bettors prefer futures wagering anyway. That is because the baseball grind can wear down the most dedicated of gamblers. But a futures bet gives you the opportunity for action every day based on just one bet.

Current Futures Board Overview

Starting with the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are familiar favorites to win the World Series. It begins with their mega powered payrolls that are two of the biggest in Major League Baseball. The Dodgers are perennial World Series contenders but also something of a baseball betting enigma. To illustrate the Dodgers have not won the World Series since all the way back in 1988. Hence the hesitation of some to go all-in on an LA futures ticket.

The Yankees are also in the hunt almost every year. The arrival of pitcher Gerrit Cole from the Astros has sent Yankees mania over the top. Another factor that is expected to work in New York’s favor is the anticipated decline of the Boston Red Sox. When the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts to the Dodgers the futures betting price fluctuated dramatically for both clubs. Following this transaction were accusations that Boston was waving the white flag. Contrarily some handicappers still see a Red Sox roster that has a lot of talent and remains capable.

Sleepers Pending?

Meanwhile, there is considerable anticipation for the start of the Los Angeles Angels season. Manager Joe Maddon’s arrival from the Cubs has sent expectations through the roof.

Meanwhile, many handicappers believe that the Cleveland Indians could be a classic beaten favorite. Last year the Tribe finished second to the upstart Minnesota Twins in the American League Central. But Cleveland still has the roster depth and experience to make for a contender and potentially strong wagering value.

For Now

Many handicappers will use this unwanted break for additional study and research. Futures board betting is expected to rise until games begin.

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