Baseball Bet – San Francisco Giants at Seattle

February 28th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball bet should be interesting on Wednesday as reigning National League Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum is scheduled to be on the mound for the Giants. It is just exhibition so Lincecum may only go a couple of innings but anytime he is on the mound the Giants are worth considering in baseball betting.

Baseball bet has the Giants as a contender this season in the National League West behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants have a loaded pitching staff led by Lincecum. The starting lineup for the Giants also looks improved and manager Bruce Bochy is going to use the spring to find reserves to strengthen his bench. “It’s going to be the type of club that you may see some more moves [from] late in the ballgame, whether it’s putting a speed guy in there to steal a base or help score a run late in the ballgame or maybe even play defense,” Bochy said, “It could play a major part in our decision-making.”

San Francisco has players who can play different positions and that will be obvious this spring as you watch the Giants when making a baseball bet. The key for San Francisco this spring will be finding utility players. In the mix are Travis Ishikawa, Emmanuel Burriss and Kevin Frandsen for infield spots while John Bowker, Fred Lewis, Andres Torres and Eugenio Velez are the outfield contenders. Ishikawa is probably going to make it because the Giants don’t have much behind Aubrey Huff. “We’re a little short on first basemen,” Bochy said.

The Mariners will be using the exhibition baseball bet season to test out Jose Lopez at third base. He is not happy about the switch but the Mariners want to see if they can use him at third and put Chone Figgins at second. They should have Freddy Sanchez in the mix eventually as baseball bet indicates. The Mariners are hoping their infield defense is improved and first baseman Casey Kotchman is a big reason they believe that will be the case. “I don’t know how many errors he has saved me,” infielder Chone Figgins said, “but it’s a lot.” Kotchman has handled 1,584 consecutive fielding chances without making an error. The Mariners will need to play excellent defense this baseball betting season behind what should be a very talented pitching staff led by Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee.

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