Astros and Yankees betting favorites to win World Series

Astros and Yankees top Baseball Odds Today Futures

June 7th, 2018 MLB Baseball

It’s understandable that Houston is a baseball odds today favorite to win the World Series.  The defending champs of any sport get plenty of love to repeat.  That is the great irony of futures betting.  The public masses bet on the past.  Even as they are supposed to bet on the future.  Houston is a compelling choice.  And they may even be better than last year’s World Series winning club.  Yet the dynamics of MLB betting have changed.  Post season is much more of a crapshoot than ever before.  In fact, the Astros themselves are proof of that.

2018 World Series Futures Odds

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2018 MLB Betting Odds at SBG: Top favorites include Astros 11/2, Yankees 11/2, Red Sox 7/1, Cubs 12/1, Nationals 12/1, Diamondbacks 15/1, Braves 16/1, Indians 16/1, Angels 16/1, Cardinals 18/1, Brewers 20/1, Rockies 22/1, Dodgers 22/1, Phillies 22/1, Mets 25/1, Twins 28/1, Giants 28/1, Mariners 28/1, Pirates 30/1, Blue Jays 60/1, Athletics 75/1, Tigers 100/1, Rays 100/1

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Wild Card Frenzy

Major League Baseball has seen the wild card change everything.  In fact, the wild card is the ultimate joker.  The dynamics of the extra one game playoff have altered MLB handicapping forever.  There has not been a repeat champion since 1999-2000.  The New York Yankees turned that trick.  But since then the champion has often come out of nowhere.  Houston is a great example.  Their triumph last year was unexpected.  They were heaving underdogs.  Los Angeles was the big chalk.  Now things have changed with the Astros as baseball odds today favorites.

Houston Astros as Favorites

The Astros new role as a public favorite has altered the online sportsbook dynamics.  Despite having one of the best records in the game Houston has barely been profitable.  The reactive public has bet them out of any real value range.  Boston and New York had similar records to Houston at the end of May. Yet the Red Sox and Yankees were far more profitable.  This is because the public doesn’t believe in them nearly as much.  No greater example exists of how “futures” betting is often based on last year.

LA Dodgers

In the National League Los Angeles is yet to recover from their stunning World Series defeat last fall.  But the Dodgers problems began in September of 2017.  They imploded that month after a blistering pace of success.  And the reactive public was left holding the bag.  LA is still living off its laurels as NL pennant winners.  All they have proven in 2018 is that they are the biggest bankroll busters on the board.  Bettors still are being played for suckers with them.  Overlays continue to blow almost daily.  Painful lessons are being learned on the Dodgers lack of value.

Rebuilt Atlanta and Milwaukee

Atlanta and Milwaukee have been the big National League surprises.  Sharps could see it coming last year.  Both clubs have enjoyed a methodical rebuild.  But can they maintain betting value all year?

Team to Watch

New manager Aaron Boone has proven to be the fresh voice needed in the Bronx.  The Yankees have established surprising value with baseball odds today.   Good starting pitching has been an asset.  The top run scoring lineup in the game has powered to profits.

MLB Betting Odds Picks

Ironically the Yankees are usually the public choice.  But this year it looks sensible.

MLB Betting Online Pick: New York Yankees!

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