2015- MLB –Wild Card Preview for AL & NL 2015

December 10th, 2019 MLB Baseball

With the 2015 MLB Regular Season winding down we need to preview the Wild Card races for the American League and the National League, as it’s that time of the year, September when the teams are scrambling to make the playoffs for this season. Thus, for some teams, the only way to achieve that is via a wild card spot.

Having said that, let us take a look at the Wild Card possibilities in each of the AL & NL, which should be a very exciting race for the spot.

Starting with the American League, we have the Yankees of New York who presently have a lead over the Rangers of Texas as they lead by 5 ½ games. As the Yankees seek the playoffs they also trail the Blue Jays of Toronto by 1.5 games at present. But if the Bronx Bombers bats remain hot, they should still be a top contender for a Wild Card even as they may not regains the lead.

Next are the Rangers of Texas a sure surprise this season, as they are 25th in the MLB for ERA, 24th in opponent’s at bat average, and 27th in the WHIP, but they still are seeking a Wild Card Spot presently trailing the Astros by 4 games. Bringing the Texans to this point has been P. Fielder leading the team at .316 at the bat and have 72 RBI’s, and as a team they rank 6th in the MLB with 576 runs.

Then we have the Twins of Minnesota, who struggled at the start, but surprised fans as their season turned around, as they now seek a wild card spot in 2015. No the team stats don’t make the Twins look to be a winning team, but they’re a team that is determined and find ways to win games. They have 3 power batting players with B. Dozier with 27 HR’s, J. Mauer with a .275 average and T. Plouffe who has 70 runs for the team.

But, don’t forget the Angels of Los Angeles who at one time early in the season they were favored to win the AL, but since have struggled trying to reach that goal. Presently the Angels are 4th in line for a wild card slot, and trail the Astros by some 7 ½ games this season. But let us not forget their roster has 2 of the best hitters in the MLB in M. Trout and A. Pujols, as Trout at .297 average and 138 hits leads the team, and Pujols as 34 HR’s and 76 RBI’s to date. These two will need to stay at the top if the Angels are to win a spot.

In the National League we start with the Pirates of Pittsburgh who are one of the NL Central teams who are at the top, and in any other division they would lead based on their present record of 79 wins and 50 losses.

The Pirates are depending on A. McCutchen at the bat averaging .307 and on the pitching of G. Cole who has an ERA of 2.43 and has 15 wins and 7 losses. Thus it will be difficult to bet against Pittsburgh in this Wild Card Race.

Then we have the Cubs of Chicago also of the NL Central that we hear of, and they also in another division would be a leader with 74 and 56 records at present. They have to pitching stars in J. Lester and J. Arrieta, and Arrieta leads the Cubs with an ERA of 2.12 and 17 wins this season. They also have a strong batting duet of K. Bryant who has 81 RBI’s and A. Rizzo leading with 26 HR’s for the team. They still have a tough schedule against the Cardinals and the Pirates, and if they survive those games, then they will make the playoffs this season.

Then we have the Giants of San Francisco that are ranked 3rd in the Wild Card race, trailing the Cubs by some 5 ½ games, while in the NL West they are behind the Dodgers of L.A. at 4 ½ games. If they can win a Wild Card spot, the Giants have a team that could make a run for a World Series Title this season. They have great pitching in M. Bumgarner with an ERA of 2.96 with a 16-6 record, and the team leader at the bat in B. Posey who has 80 RBI’s and is hitting .322.

Then last but not least in the NL we have the Nationals of Washington, D.C. who were tabbed as the best NFL team at the beginning of this 2015 MLB season. But they in the NL East they have struggled this season and even on the possibility of a Wild Card spot. If they make a spot this season they will need the big bat of B. Harper that at present is leading the team with a .330 average and some 31 HR’s this season. That’s what it will take for the Nationals to make the playoffs. So for those that Bet on MLB at SBG Sportsbook, get your early picks for the AL & NL Wild Card races forthcoming!

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