Toronto Blue Jays 2007 Baseball Betting season preview

May 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Toronto Blue Jays 2007 Baseball Betting season preview. There has been a long drought since the baseball betting championship runs in the 1990’s for the team from up north. However, in the past few baseball betting years the Blue Jays have done a great job bringing in the right mix of free agents while at the same time trading off young prospects for profitable returns and developing young players form with the system.

In fact, on paper, this is one of the top three baseball betting teams in the AL East and definitely top five in all of Major League Baseball. However, on paper and in the field are two very different things and it will be interesting to see if that talent can translate into baseball betting wins for the Blue Birds.

The Blue Jays 2006 MLB betting record of 87 wins and 75 losses was a good improvement for the team, but anything less than a 95-win season, or there about, would be a disappointment for the baseball bet fans and for the players. The baseball betting team seems more than capable of that and most analyst view this as the baseball betting year that the Toronto can, and should, make a serious run at not only winning the AL East but also the baseball betting World Series.

Standing in front of them is baseball royalty in the form of the revered New York Yankees. However, if any team can take out the Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays have just a good as chance as anyone, expect for perhaps the Boston Red Sox, which are also shaping up, on paper, to be something special this baseball betting season.

With two baseball powerhouses with the deepest purses in sports standing in their way, life would seem quite unfair life would seem unfair for the Canadian team. But there’s no reason for Toronto to take a back seat to anybody. With plenty of power in its lineup and one of the better pitching staffs in baseball betting, this Toronto Blue Jays team will be tough to beat in 2007 baseball betting season. The staring rotation, consisting of Roy Halliday in the number one spot and AJ Burnett in the number two spot, this team can ruin anybodies day in a best of seven series.

Add to that the pitching exploits of Gustavo Chacin, who has yet to really bust out of his shell but has the potential to be a very special player, and the starting rotation is very good. Halliday should be in the hunt for the Cy Young as he is almost every baseball betting year and Burnett should get at least 15 wins. BJ Ryan has been very good with Toronto and he should continue to own batters in the late innings.

The batting lineup has plenty of fireworks as well. Vernon Wells is perhaps the most underrated player in the majors and he certainly deserved the enormous seven-year $126 million deal he got in the off season. He can do everything, the best all around player in baseball and will put huge numbers again in 2007 baseball betting season. But the power doesn’t stop there, Frank Thomas showed last baseball betting season in Oakland that he still has the juice and he’ll be looking to belt his 400th career homer this baseball betting season which help energize everyone.

Troy Glaus was also brought in to bring some run support to the pitching staff and is past his prime, but he can still be dangerous for other players and if he and Thomas put up big numbers this team will defiantly be in the baseball betting playoffs.

Another off season signing, Royce Clayton is another player past his prime and by bringing in all these older players it shows that the Blue Jays see this baseball betting season and the next as their narrow window to bring the baseball betting World Series trophy back to Canada. Clayton is a stretch here and will definitely be the weak spot for the club, but his veteran smarts should benefit the team.

Second base will be another worrisome spot and it seems like the two headed attack with offensively deficient players, Hill and MacDonald, is the best answer the Jays can come up with.

2007 looks to be a baseball betting year of promise for the Blue Jays and a lot of baseball bet analysts have this team in the baseball betting World Series and many see them winning it. There’s still a lot of baseball betting games to be played before the playoffs roll around, but it seems that the Blue Jays will be there in the post season making a serious run at the World Series.