Online Baseball Betting on the L.A. Dodgers – 2007 season preview

May 27th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The 2007 MLB betting campaign could be a very good one for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Pundits and analysts across the board are already pegging them as the pre season favorites to win the NL West division and some even think this MLB betting team has what it takes to make the online baseball betting World Series and win it.

The MLB betting team certainly has the talent to win a lot of games but much will depend upon how healthy the team is and if it can play up to its potential or not. One thing going in favor of the Los Angeles Dodgers is the fact that their MLB betting division, the NL West stinks. It’s one of the weakest in online baseball betting and if the past two MLB betting seasons are any indication, 85 wins should win the title.

And this MLB betting team is more than capable of getting 85 wins. After tying for first place last MLB betting year the Dodgers should be able to hold off all comers, most likely the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Chargers, and wrap up the division before the end of the MLB betting season.

The strength of this squad in 2007 MLB betting season is their strong starting rotation and it will go toe to toe with any starting rotation in the land. It boasts three potential twenty game winners and offers a lot of different looks for opponents. Headlining the rotation in 2007 MLB betting season will be new off-season free agent signing Jason Schmidt. There are few pitchers in the NL better than Schmidt and the only reason the Giants let him go was because one of few pitchers with better stuff, Barry Zito, was available from the AL. Schmidt will pitch out of the number on spot and boost and already very good rotation. Not only will Schmidt flirt with twenty wins, but if every falls into place he could battle for the Cy Young and what’s better for the Dodgers and their posts season plans is the fact that this guy is big game pitcher. He is 3-1 with a 3.0 ERA in five career playoff starts.

The two spots in this rotation is held down by Brad Penny who is also a potential 20 game winner and the three spot is Derrick Lowe who has some very nasty stuff and could also get close to 20 wins. Both of these guys won 16 MLB betting games last year and both were workhorses. Penny had an awful second half last MLB betting season and will have to turn it around this online baseball betting year.

If all three of these pitchers are on top of their game, there may not be a better top half of a rotation in the NL. Eric Gagne is gone from the bull pen and the Los Angeles Dodgers are still looking for a wining combo here. Takashi Saito will start as the teams closer and should do very well. He converted 24-26 last MLB betting year with a 6-2 online baseball betting record and a 2.96 ERA, pretty good work.

At the plate the Dodgers are not the strongest team in the MLB betting league but they’re good enough and smart and scrappy. Nomar’s resurrection last MLB betting year was a major boost for this team and you simply can’t have enough of these guys on your team. Expect his numbers to be even better this MLB betting year as he’s more comfortable in his role with the team and healthy. Remember this was a guy who in his prime was considered a better player than both A-Rod and Jeter during his days with Boston playing short stop.

The rest of this lineup is old and will have to be gutted after next MLB betting season. Louis Gonzales was brought in during the off season to shore up an outfield and supposedly swing a bat. But coming off a .271 online baseball betting average with just 15 homers and 73 RBIs this guy is just fighting off retirement.

The same could be said of Jeff Kent, who is a dinosaur and even more mediocre of late than normal. The Dodgers have a gem in the minors named James Loney who batted .380 last MLB betting years. Look for the Dodgers to find a way to get his bat into the lineup as soon as there is an infield injury. Furcal is a very decent lead off man and should be able to create some runs from that spot in 2007 online baseball betting season.

This MLB betting team has plenty of strengths, mainly the starting rotation and the bull pen, but it’s got weaknesses as well, such a lack of power and general production at the plate. However, this MLB betting team has a savvy group of veterans who can manufacture runs. Besides, pitching is much more important. Look for the Dodgers to win 90 games and win the MLB betting division. However, they’ll ultimately fall short in the MLB betting playoffs.