Baseball Betting Odds on the Florida Marlins – 2007 season preview

May 27th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Florida Marlins have one of the most ridiculed but perhaps one of the most successful, if not the most efficient, game plan in all of baseball betting odds. This is a baseball betting odds team that has won two World Series titles in seven years and then stunk in almost every other baseball betting line season in its brief history. The team picks and chooses when to make a run at the title and when to sell off all the talent and pull back. For a baseball betting odds team that plays in a large market, but that draws very little attention from baseball betting line fans, it’s a smart plan. At the end of the 2005 baseball betting odds season, after an unsuccessful run at the title, the Marlins sold off every thing they had of any value, who was under the age of 24. They kept Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. With these two cornerstones the Fish hope to get back to the baseball betting odds World Series.

In 2006 baseball betting odds season this team was expected to be the worst in perhaps the history of the major leagues. The average of the player was about 21, and there were as many as five rookies in the lineup with virtually no MLB experience. But some how this baseball betting odds team pulled together and made a very decent run at the wild card spot until late baseball betting odds season melt down that left them too far back. But the Florida Marlins were in the hunt until September, and they look to do the same thing this baseball betting odds year.

Aside from the teams’ two super stars, this is a very talented young squad. The pitching staff is what stands out most. Last baseball betting odds year this staff of Willis and four rookies won more than ten games each. This baseball betting odds year, the hurlers will look to avoid the sophomore jinx and improve on that baseball betting line record.

Scott Olsen, Anibel Sanchez Josh, Johnson and Ricky Nolasco all seem like very solid pitchers, without a lot of complication in their motion, which means they’re less likely to suffer from let down this baseball betting odds year. Sanchez threw a no-hitter this last baseball betting odds year and Olsen has very impressive Florida Marlins stuff. Add to mix Willis, who is only one year removed from a 22 win baseball betting odds season, starting at the one spot and this is a very lethal rotation that will likely only get better.

There are a few question marks in the bull pen this baseball betting odds season and this might be a weakness. Their reliever last baseball betting odds year, Joe Borrowski, did a fine job. But he’s gone this baseball betting odds year. The Marlins signed Jorge Julio from Arizona for way too much money in the off season and are hoping to make him a closer. He has been nothing but disappointing in his tenure with the D-Backs and there is no reason to expect anything different in Florida. Look for Matt Lindstrom to make some noise in relief; he’s got a fast ball that clocks over a 100 mph.

At the plate Miguel Cabrera is the leader of this offense. At just 23 years old, he is one of the best hitters in the game and already accomplished a tremendous amount in terms of baseball betting line racking up stats. You can count on him to get his usual baseball betting line .320 average, 35 homers and 120 RBIs, it’s practically automatic. But after Cabrera there are a lot of question marks and young hitters.

Last baseball betting odds year’s rookie of the year, Manley Ramirez, has a solid bat, and may be able to improve on his power this baseball betting odds year and get to that .300 average 20 HR level. Dan Uggla, who nearly won the award for rookie of the year was very solid at the plate last baseball betting odds year and is another guy who might be able to get to the 30 HR mark. After that the hitters are all pretty unproven, with only one baseball betting odds year or less of experience under their belts. The Marlins will be expecting improvement and big power numbers out of Josh Willingham and first baseman Mike Willingham.

This is a very talented young Florida Marlins squad, with the right adjustments this is a team that could realistically win up to 90 games. But it’s still very young and likely to suffer some problems from the bull pen. It’s also likely that at least one or two of its young starters will suffer from the sophomore slump. Most probably, this is a team that will get to the baseball betting line 85 win mark, flirt with the wild card but come up short. This should be able to finish second in the NL East though.