Baseball Betting on the Detroit Tigers 2007 Preview

September 6th, 2017 MLB Baseball

The only way the Detroit Tigers could improve upon their unexpected glory last baseball betting year would be to win the World Series this baseball betting year.

And if their pitching staff can repeat its performance and their batters play up their potential that is a very real possibility.This MLB betting team was the Cinderella story in 2006 baseball betting season coming from out of nowhere to making it all the way to the baseball betting World Series.

There is plenty of talent on this MLB betting team and it has only gotten better in the off season with the addition of Gary Sheffield, who brings the thing that this team lacked last baseball betting year, an intimidating bat in the middle of the line up to keep pitchers honest.

Last baseball betting season’s 95 wins came out of nowhere, and if it hadn’t have been for a second mini-melt down, this team was on pace to win 100 games for much of the baseball betting year. The Tigers could win 100 games this baseball betting year or they could win 90 games and miss out on the MLB betting playoffs. Detroit plays in the most difficult division and plays against the best pitching in all the MLB. If the team isn’t careful it could end up like the White Sox last baseball betting year, winners of 90 games but shut out of the playoffs because of the Twins and the Tigers and their respective baseball betting records.

What makes this team so good is the pitching. It seems like on all great MLB betting teams everything starts and ends with the pitching and Detroit is no different. At the top of the rotation Kenny Rogers “the Gambler” still has it in his advanced years. He won’t over power you but he can wear you down with smart pitching and grind away the innings. Following him up in the order you have Bonderman and Verlander who are two of the best young pitchers in the AL.

Between the three of them they should be able to compile at least 45 baseball betting wins. And what makes the Tigers’ staff so impressive is the depth. No one has the talent that this MLB betting team has at the four and five spots with Nate Robertson and Mike Maroth so long as they’re healthy. But even if one of these guys goes down, young stud Andrew Miller is anxious to get some big league innings and has the talent to make a big impression.

The pitching doesn’t let off in the bull pen either. Todd Jones is now the closer and he simply racks up saves. He never seems to age and gets 30 saves no matter where he plays. Setting him up will be Joel Zumaya and Fernando Rodney who clocks triple digits on the speed gun with his heater; yet another Tigers’ pitcher that can throw 100 mph.

At the plate Sheffield will make a huge difference. Last baseball betting season, the Tigers sputtered when they couldn’t get any runs against the Cardinals in the baseball betting World Series. Sheffield will change all that and his move to DH should rejuvenate a career that has been hampered by injuries, but his bat has been as brilliant as ever when healthy. He provides some instant credibility to the line up and hopefully spur the other hitters.

Maglia Ordonez and Craig Monroe are the outfield power, but these guys need to be putting up 30 HR if Tigers want to get back to the baseball betting World Series. Short Stop Carlos Guillen had a great baseball betting season last year when he wasn’t hobbled by injury and the Tigers will be expecting a lot from him. Behind the plate Pudge Rodriguez is still one of the finest in the MLB betting game. There’s a reason why the Tiger’s pitching staff is so good and he’s a big reason why. His bat isn’t quite what it once was, but his management of all the fine young arms on staff is a thing of beauty.

For the Tigers it will be another good baseball betting season. On paper they look like the baseball betting team to beat in the Central, or maybe Minnesota. The problem is, this baseball betting division is so tough, there’s going to be a lot of close MLB betting games and every win will count with the White Sox right there in terms of talent as well. The Tigers will likely win the baseball betting division or get the wild card, but in any event their pitching should see them through to the baseball betting playoffs.

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