Baseball Betting on the Cleveland Indians 2007 Preview

May 27th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Cleveland Indians have a pretty good team on paper. It didn’t amount to much success in 2006 baseball betting season but, this MLB betting year could the break out year for the players in the tribe. The team wound up the baseball betting season with 78 wins and 84 losses, not all that great but there is hardly an analyst out there that doesn’t think that this team underachieved.

A lot of people had some high hopes for this MLB betting team with a potentially explosive offense but the bats fizzled last baseball betting year and the club took the appropriate off season action for a team of its market size and bank account figures. The fourth place finish last baseball betting year in the AL Central wasn’t what anyone had in mind and is a thing of the past. This is an MLB betting team that wants to win and is more than capable of winning if they can get things lined out in the club house and get all the talent to come together.

This team should improve in 2007 baseball betting season, but predicting that the Indians are going to run away with the AL Central title just wouldn’t be true no matter how many Indians’ baseball betting fans may want to believe it. The MLB betting division is simply too tough with by far the best pitching of any division in the majors and some very good bats as well. It could very well be that the AL Central is the best division in baseball betting from top to bottom and Cleveland Indians just isn’t good enough to claim it’s thrown.

But there are plenty of bright spots to look forward to for Indians’ baseball betting fans. One of these bright spots is the mammoth DH they have nestled into the clean up spot on this roster. Travis Hafner may not be the biggest player in baseball betting, or he could be, it’s hard to say, but most MLB betting players are in agreement that he is certainly the strongest and if he gets a hold of an errant pitch he’s probably going to murder it. His presence alone should open a lot of things for his teammates in terms of good pitches to see and expect him to have another monster offense baseball betting season with 40+ homers.

But the talent also extends to field as well and Victor Martinez was an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise in 2006 baseball betting season. He is perhaps the best hitting catcher in the AL and he is likely to only improve. His .316 average with 16 homers and 93 RBIs were a real rarity for catchers last baseball betting year and his ability to switch hit is a real asset to the ball club. Look for him to have even bigger numbers in 2007 baseball betting season. Grady Sizemore also had breakout baseball betting year and he seems on the verge of really busting loose in center. He is defiantly one to watch in the coming baseball betting year.

There were also some off season signings that should drastically improve the MLB betting team. Josh Barfield a hot shot from San Diego was brought in to play second, which should shore up the Indians up the middle and actually give them one of the best up the middle trios in the majors. In the outfield the Indians brought two new players should pay big dividends for a baseball betting team that is trying to build around youth. Cleveland Indians brought in David Delucci and Trot Nixon to flank the upstart Sizemore. This will add some instant runs to the batting order and fill in some holes from last baseball betting year.

The pitching is likely the unit that will make or break this baseball betting team and right now it’s kind of difficult to know how this will turn out. The Tribe desperately needs its young arms to go deep into MLB betting games and earn them a few wins. If pitchers like CC Sabathia, Jeff Westbrook and Cliff Lee can all keep their ERAs down, they should get plenty of run support at the plate. Joe Borowski was brought in during the off season and he should do just fine after a very solid baseball betting season with the Marlins last year. All in all, it’s very unlikely that this team will be able to capture the baseball betting division title, but it should easily break .500 and it could really surprise some people.


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