Baseball Betting Odds for the Cincinnati Reds – 2007 season preview

May 27th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Last baseball betting odds Cincinnati Reds season was a very strange year for this baseball gambling team. They started out on a tear, climbing to the top of the division before the all star break and then went cold in the second half of the baseball betting odds year. Even though they didn’t finish too far back from the Cardinals, they were never much of a factor in the playoff race after that.

However, much of the team’s troubles in 2006 baseball betting odds season had to do with injuries. Many key players were hurt last baseball betting odds season and should be healthy again this baseball gambling year. However, there were some key off season departures as well and the likelihood of more injuries striking this baseball gambling club are almost certain.

And despite all the hype that might be surrounding opening day in Cincinnati Reds, there is no real silver lining to this could. This baseball gambling team has some bright spots but overall this is not a roster that is good enough to compete for a playoff spot.

Last Cincinnati Reds baseball betting odds year the team’s winning percentage was .494, which wasn’t awful, but this baseball gambling year it should be even worse. The Red’s were only three games out of winning the division last baseball betting odds season with an 80-82 record. It seems that this baseball betting odds season that same mediocre record appears unattainable. The problems for this team are manifold. It has a pretty good 1-2 pitching punch at the top of the rotation, but the quality of arms drops off rapidly from there. There is also no closer which is a huge problem for this team. The batting order lacks the punch it used to have as well, and there’s just not much there to scare opposing pitchers.

The team made a very smart move in locking up Aaron Harang in the off-season and he should provide some very solid baseball betting odds numbers as the team’s number starter. He was one of the big surprises in pitching talent over the last few baseball betting odds seasons. He could even compete for the Cy Young this baseball betting odds year, but its unlikely if he can’t get any run support from the mediocre batting lineup. Bronson Arroyo is also a great pitcher in the two spot and these guys provide the best 1-2 combo in the division, maybe the baseball betting odds league, if both are healthy and firing on all cylinders.

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of talent after these guys on the staff. Eric Milton, Kyle Lohse, and Kirk Saarloos. Besides having some funny spellings these are pretty unremarkable, and could easily be replaced by players in the farm system during the baseball betting odds season without worries of a major drop off. Milton would be no better than a fifth starter on most rotations and will really have to produce if the Red’s want to post a .500 baseball betting odds Cincinnati Reds season. The bull pen is a disaster.

Last baseball gambling year David Weathers led the team with a paltry 12 saves. That’s a very depressing baseball betting odds stat and unfortunately the Reds didn’t move to get a closer in the off season and so things don’t look much better this year either. It will be a free-for-all trying to get the bull pen positions ironed out in the early part of the baseball betting odds season.

At the plate Adam Dunn is this team’s stud. He is one of the better sluggers in the NL and he is a mountain of a man. But he won’t be able to do enough by himself to get this team into the baseball betting odds playoffs. Expect more in numbers in home runs, at least 40, and strikeouts, at least 150. A huge if for the Reds, is whether or not Ken Griffey Jr. can stay healthy or not.

He hasn’t played a full baseball betting odds season since 2000, which seems crazy but it’s true. He will certainly get hurt, as he does every baseball betting odds year, but if he can produce when he’s healthy, such as his 27 homers in limited at bats in 2007 baseball betting odds season, he will help out this team a great deal and offer some protection for Dunn.

The rest of the lineup is either injury prone as well or no good. Edwin Encarnacion has flashed some brilliance but he’ll no doubt fall victim to injuries this year. Baseball betting odds Fans will be expecting the Reds to build on their surprising mediocrity of last baseball betting odds year, but it doesn’t look like it will happen. Look for Harnag and Arroyo to have good years but the Reds to finish fourth in the very tepid NL Central division.