Baseball Gambling on the Chicago Cubs – 2007 season preview

May 27th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

A Chicago Cubs baseball gambling season would simply not be a Chicago Cubs baseball odds season without plenty of pain and disappointment. Last baseball gambling season was certainly characterized by such emotions and there is no reason why Cubs baseball odds fans shouldn’t expect the exact same thing in 2007 baseball gambling season. This baseball gambling team has been close to getting over the hump in the recent years but last year wasn’t one of those baseball gambling seasons and this year won’t be either despite all the free agent spending and everything else the Cubs have tried to do.

Paramount on this list of changes was bringing in a new manager. Dusty Baker is out after failing to bring a baseball gambling World Series title back to Wrigley Field, just like every other manager has failed over the past 100 years. It seems like Dusty may not have been the problem, but the front office felt as though it had to bring in some fresh blood to satisfy the baseball odds fans.

Enter Lou Pinella, certainly one of the real characters still left in baseball gambling, but nothing on his resume that would make him any better suited to winning with mediocre and oft-injured talent than Baker. But perhaps a new face is what’s needed in the dugout and Cubs baseball odds fans certainly hope so.

To go along with the new manager in 2007 baseball gambling season, the Cubs went out and overpaid for a new center fielder, signing Alfonso Soriano for something close to what Bill Gates’ monthly salary is, very pricey. In fact, the Cubs seem serious about winning this baseball gambling year, at least in terms of spending. GM Jim Hendry went out and spent about $300 million trying to make this baseball gambling team better for this baseball odds season’s campaign. Will it work? Who knows, but at least it’s an effort and baseball odds fans must surely appreciate that.

Soriano isn’t worth the $136 million that the Cubs gave him, he is 30-years old, but as the biggest free agent on the market last baseball gambling year, it must count as a small victory that the Cubs were able to lure him to Chi-town. And he is still a very good player no matter how much he’s earning. His power last baseball gambling year was phenomenal with 46 homers and his 95 RBIs and 40 stolen bases are exactly what this Chicago Cubs team needs.

He will be complimented this baseball gambling season in the lineup by third baseman Aramis Ramirez who has been a home grown star for the cubbies. His power should provide some protection to Soriano. This is a guy that should give you 30 homers with a .300 average baseball gambling year in and year out. Add to that mix the explosive bat of Derek Lee, when he’s healthy and the meat of this lineup could give opponents’ pitching staffs the cold sweats.

Most of the talent brought in during the off season was pitching. Something this baseball gambling team sorely needs as nearly every pitcher on the roster seems to be made of glass. Once promising young studs, Kerry Wood and Marc Prior are now projects at best. Wood will try his hand at the bull pen and should be very well.

Fewer innings should mean less innings and he nasty stuff should confound hitters. And if he gets to throwing very well, he might even earn a spot back in the rotation, seems like a win-win for everyone. Prior’s story is not so sweet and he’s been sent down to triple-A to try and get his stuff back.

Fortunately the Cubs have a true number one ace in the form of Carlos Zambrono who is one the great young pitchers in the NL. The guy is a work horse and you can expect 30 starts, 200 innings and around a 3.20 ERA from him this baseball gambling year, with 15+ wins. Lilly will be a great compliment to Zambrano. He was more than decent last year with the Blue Jays but his ERA got a little bit away from him last baseball gambling season and ballooned ot 4.31 when it was all said and done. Also he’s never gone more than 200 innings and the Chicago Cubs will need him to eat some innings. However, he was the best that was available so you can’t blame the Cubs for trying.

This baseball gambling team has the potential to surprise many baseball gambling fans. Barring something crazy or some key injuries this will be the most improved baseball gambling team in the majors. Its 66-96 baseball gambling record was last in the division and simply awful. If every thing clicks this is potential 85-win team, which probably isn’t good enough to win the division and a 75-80 win baseball gambling season is probably more realistic.


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