MLB Betting on the Seattle Mariners 2006 summary

October 9th, 2017 MLB Baseball

The Seattle Mariners have not had great success in the last few years and 2006 MLB betting season was no different

Since the departure of Ken Griffey Jr. and A-Rod and Jay Buhner and the Big Unit pitching on the mound there has been little to cheer about in the rainy city in the Pacific Northwest.

There have been flashes of brilliance with superstars like Ichiro coming to town and the pitching has been decent with players like Jamie Moyer and some others, but some how it seems as if the online baseball betting fans have lost interest and some how players have not been living up to their potential. The magic seems gone and in 2006 MLB betting season that was definitely the case.

The 2006 MLB betting campaign wasn’t awful, but it certainly wasn’t good and you can bet that the Mariners will be looking to correct mistakes in 2007 MLB betting season. On paper this is actually a much more talented than what you expect to past a .481 winning percentage. There are definitely top flight players on this ball club but so far they have failed to mesh or otherwise produce up to their potential. The MLB betting team finished the online baseball betting season with a 78-84 record, not good enough to make the MLB betting playoffs in any division even their mediocre AL West. Just like the old adage goes, there was no place like home for the Mariners last MLB betting season, who despite a poor overall record, managed to end with an impressive 44-37 MLB betting record at home. However, this was offset by an awful 34-47 record away from Seattle. Finishing 15 games back at the end of the regular MLB betting season this team will have some major improvements to make if it wants to be in the online baseball betting post season in 2007, but it certainly has the talent if only it lives up to its potential.

All across the board there are good players in Seattle’s roster. Behind the plate Japanese catcher Kenji Johjima had a great MLB betting year, perhaps one of the best by a catcher in either online baseball betting league. Kenji batted .291 with 18 homeruns and 76 RBIs. They weren’t quite Joe Muaer numbers but any time you can get those numbers from the catcher a team is more than pleased. The rest of the infield also played well although perhaps not quite up to their potential. First base slugger Ritchie Sexton is a giant and local Pacific Northwest guy cut in the mold of Mariner legend Dave Kingman; and all or nothing guy who strikes out or goes yard at every at bat. Sexton’s power numbers and RBI totals were good last MLB betting year with over 30 homers and 100 RBI, an average year for him, although his batting average was atrocious. He batted .20 for the MLB betting year and he will have to pick this up a bit if the Mariners are to put together a better record in 2007 MLB betting season.

In the rest of the infield the reviews were mixed in 2006 MLB betting season. Second baseman Jose Lopez a brick at the plate was thrown into the starting line up basically to keep the defense tight up the middle with his glove but surprised everyone last MLB betting year and put together a very nice online baseball betting season for a second baseman. He batted .282 with 10 homeruns and 82 RBIs. Not exactly Barry Bonds type numbers, but any time you can get that kind of solid production at the plate from your second baseman and a very solid glove there aren’t many managers that wouldn’t take that combo.

On the other hand, Adrian Beltre had another awful MLB betting year. He seems to have been a very poor signing and perhaps a flash in the pan that had one huge MLB betting year during a contract online baseball betting season and got lucky. His work at third base with is glove is average and his sub par umbers of .268 with 25 home runs and 89 RBIs isn’t the reason that the Mariners signed him to a big time free agent contract. However, the outfield looked a bit sharper with superstar Ichiro Suzuki patrolling right field in 2006 MLB betting season he put together his same stellar numbers as he does every year, over .300 with 100 plus runs and about a zillion hits. Perhaps the biggest weakness of the Mariners last MLB betting year was the starting rotation and the bullpen which both are going to have to be retooled for the 2007 MLB betting season.

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