Baseball Betting on the San Diego Padres 2006 summary

October 9th, 2017 MLB Baseball

The San Diego Padres won the NL West in 2006 baseball betting season

Exactly how big of feat that really is up for discussion but nonetheless, there were four other teams in the MLB betting division that did not win so it must count for something.

San Diego had to go down to the wire to dig this won out and was actually very impressive at the very end. The Padres turned on the juice and racked up enough wins with a frantic finish to edge out LA for the baseball betting division title, even though they both ended with an identical MLB betting record.

But all of the good times were forgotten in a hurry once the post season arrived and they were plastered 3-1 by the St Louis Cardinals in the NL Divisional Series. But all said; the 2006 baseball betting season was a success for the Padres and something to build on in the future.

Their overall MLB betting record of 88-74 would not have clinched many other divisions in baseball betting except for the NL Central which was won by the Cardinals, who destroyed the Padres in the baseball betting playoffs, so the question then is whether or not the Padres would have even had that MLB betting record against better competition, but that all becomes rather academic and there’s no place for that in sports. At home in sunny San Diego the team won 43 and lost 38. On the road it posted an even better MLB betting record of 45-36 and was rarity in baseball betting in the fact that it not only had a winning record on the road, but a better overall MLB betting record on the road than at home. And the road wins were the major difference in collecting a .543 win percentage. The Padres finished up the regular with an 8-2 spurt that cemented their claim to the baseball betting divisional title.

There were a lot of things that went right for the Padres last baseball betting year and one of them was definitely Adrian Gonzalez. Last baseball betting year Gonzales put up great numbers in the power department and hit for a pretty decent baseball betting average as well. And at his first base position he also had a pretty mean glove. Brian Giles was also solid in left field. His glove work in the field is very good and his production at the plate was so-so. At his age he’s starting to tail off in terms of power, but somehow he finds ways to be productive and he’s a very good guy to have in your line-up, as he was for the Padres in 2006 baseball betting season. Mike Cameron also played a very nice centerfield, as he generally does, but his power is so streaky and he strikes out so often that he really couldn’t be relied upon on a regular basis by the Padres.

Mike Piazza showed that he still had a little juice in his bat by adding some power to the Padres lineup last baseball betting year. He’s no Ryan Howard or anything of that nature, but at his age, his power production is still good and he probably kept the Padres in many games all by himself as he was the only really consistent batter in the group. The black hole in this lineup was Khalil Greene. This guy could not swing a bat to save his life. In fact, it’s curious that this guy saw as many at bats as he did considering that he was a huge liability at the plate last baseball betting year. Some of that had to do with the fact that he wasn’t healthy, but the guy is made of glass and hasn’t been fit for whole baseball betting year yet. This is a spot the Padres have to upgrade in the coming baseball betting season.

The pitching staff in 2006 baseball betting season was pretty decent. Staff ace Jake Peavey is one of the best in the NL and even though he had an off year, for him, in 2006 baseball betting season he still wasn’t terrible. But the team will need more out him if it wants to pull the three-peat of baseball betting division titles. David Wells, the most out of shape professional athlete in the world other than John Daley (but golfers don’t really count, do they?) had a good first baseball betting year with the Padres, as good as can be expected by a severely overweight and aging pitcher. Unfortunately, and sadly, he has been diagnosed with Diabetes and this could affect his pitching the future.

The star of the show in 2006 baseball betting season though was Trevor Hoffman, the long time reliever set the career mark for saves last baseball betting year in a very special moment for the franchise and for the player. He’s not the typical closer, and he’s getting up their age, but that change up of his can still fool the batter as was proven last baseball betting season.

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