Cleveland Indians Baseball Betting 2006 Summary

May 28th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The 2006 online baseball betting season was supposed to be a season of great baseball odds and things for the Cleveland Indians. 2006 online baseball betting season was supposed to be a season to draw on that success and surpass what they had accomplished the previous online baseball betting season. But it didn’t happen. Some things just aren’t meant to be and for whatever reason this team struggled.

Frustration and disappointment were more of a theme that success and baseball odds wins and the Indians were left with a very long off-season to contemplate what went wrong. But 2006 online baseball betting season is in the can and you can be sure that this team is hungry to get back on the winning track this online baseball betting season.

The Indians finished the online baseball betting year by posting a 78-84 record. Not good enough for the Cleveland Indians playoffs baseball odds and not even .500. The teams’ winning percentage of .481 was about average for the majors, but average wasn’t what the team and its online baseball betting fans had in mind. One bright spot though is that the team finished strong winning eight of their last ten to bring the win total up a bit, but it was way too little way to late. The team finished 18 online baseball betting games back, fourth in the AL Central and only beat out the lowly KC Royals. At home the Tribe was tough, going 44-37 at Jacobs’ Field. Too bad all the games couldn’t have been at home. On the road the team finished a disappointing 34-47. So there is a definite area that they can improve on in 2007 online baseball betting season.

In attempt to address these short coming, the team’s management went nuts playing musical chairs trying to re-shuffle the team in a way that might help out. And that’s a positive sign for the online baseball betting fans and the players as it shows that the management isn’t complacent losing, and anyone that is going to be shipped out. Part of the problem for the Indians in 2006 online baseball betting season is that they got such mediocre and even sub-par Cleveland Indians performances by some of their key performances. The pitching staff was especially guilty of this and will have to improve substantially if this team is going to challenge for the AL Central pennant.

Baseball odds experts know that on paper this is a very talented staff that is capable of winning more than a few online baseball betting games. Baseball odds experts also know that their top of the rotation, the one through three spots, is more than capable of winning a combined forty-five games although it didn’t even come close to approaching that number last online baseball betting year. At the top of the rotation C.C. Sabathia is only a online baseball betting season or two removed from a great baseball odds year and should be flirting with twenty wins every online baseball betting season. However, his inability to pitch well late in games or eat up quality innings in his starts hurt the Indians last online baseball betting year and is an area that must be improved on. His fellow starters, Jake Westbrook and Cliff Lee are both capable of being 15 win guys as well, but also could improve on eating up more innings to cover for a pretty thin bullpen.

Joe Borowski was brought in from the Marlins in the off-season to take over the closing role as was Keith Fowlke. However, Fowlke just retired so it appears that Borowski will have the job uncontested. Nothing in his recent past in Florida seems to suggest that this guy will be stellar but sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s needed. There are a handful of set up that the Cleveland brass will sort through in a hunt to get a decent middle inning relief, but none of it looks all that promising either and this could be a major weakness for the Tribe if the rotation can’t go very deep in online baseball betting games.

In the field the team looks a bit better. Behind the plate the Indians have one of the best hitting catchers in the league with Victor Martinez. Martinez pounded out some very quite and very solid numbers last online baseball betting year hitting .316 with 16 homers and 93 RBIs. Baseball odds can see that this is the kind of production at catcher that most teams only dream of. Travis Haffner the star DH, showed his huge power numbers last online baseball betting year and after some off-season dealing the team got some help for the young outfield star, Grady Sizemore. These three players make up the core of the offensive attack but it won’t be enough to make the postseason.