Loyalty Program

At SBGGlobal.eu we want to show you how much we appreciate the loyalty you give us day in and day out. For this reason we have put together a loyalty program designed for our very special customers.

The loyalty points that you receive with the SBG Loyalty Rewards Program can later be redeemed for cash whenever you decide.

The minimum amount of points to redeem is 1,000.00 loyalty points.

The following table will allow you to understand where you stand with your loyalty points and how exactly the program works.

Loyalty points conversion table:

PlatformPer everyYou receive
Sportsbook parlay bets$1 minor risk/win *2 points
Sportsbook teaser bets$1 minor risk/win *3 points
Sportsbook others bets$1 minor risk/win *1 point
Horses$1 you risk1 point
Casino$4 you risk1 point

Loyalty Points Guidelines:

  1. All Sportsbook, Casino & Horse action will accumulate points toward the Loyalty Program.
  2. Minimum amount of points to redeem is 1,000 pts.
  3. NO ROLLOVER on cash earned.
  4. 1,000.00 Loyalty Points = $1
  5. All Loyalty point calculations are applied at 9:30 am EST for the previous day’s activity between 00:00 am to 23:59pm EST.
  6. *Loyalty points for sportsbook wagers are awarded on graded bets. Points are issued based on the lesser of the Win or Risk
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