Unpredictable Kentucky Derby Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds are oftentimes very unpredictable as the favorite rarely wins and big payoffs are the norm.Three year old horses are running against 19 other horses and that makes for a lot of action in Kentucky Derby wagering. Anything can happen in Kentucky Derby and oftentimes it does.

Kentucky Derby show that some of the best horses in history did not win the big race. Great horses like Holy Bull, Native Dancer, Round Table, Easy Goer and Point Given didn’t win the Derby. Many of the top trainers never won the Derby. The top trainer in the game today, Todd Pletcher has never won in Kentucky Derby wagering. In 1988 a great horse named Risen Star was a fabulous horse that won the Preakness and the Belmont but didn’t win in Kentucky Derby odds. It was a bad trip in the Kentucky Derby that cost Risen Star. Anything can happen when 20 horses go over the Churchill Downs track trying to win versus Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby have shown that the favorite usually has trouble in the Derby. Rarely does the horse win which makes Kentucky Derby wagering unpredictable. Usually in horse racing the favorite wins about a third of the time. That has not been the case with Kentucky Derby. There have been many years in a row when the Kentucky Derby favorite did not win.

Many horse betting players love the Derby because of the unpredictable nature and the high Kentucky Derby. With 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby wagering field it makes for big tickets on exacta, trifecta and superfecta tickets. The unpredictable nature of Kentucky Derby odds is attractive to both public and professional horse betting players. The opportunity to hit a big ticket for thousands of dollars doesn’t come along everyday but that chance does exist with Kentucky Derby. Taking a flyer with an exacta, trifecta or superfecta ticket is something that many gamblers will do in the Kentucky Derby even if they don’t bet another horse race all year long.