Tips for Betting Kentucky Derby Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds are always interesting to look at and to bet each year. The goal in online Kentucky Derby betting is to pick the winner obviously, but to also pick horses that can finish second, third and fourth so that a winning exacta, trifecta or superfecta can be hit. Let’s look at some tips to winning versus Kentucky Derby odds.

Kentucky Derby odds tips begin by looking at the “dosage index.” This tells you whether or not a horse may have the stamina to run the 1 1/4-mile race. It is not the most important Kentucky Derby odds handicapping factor but it is important. You also may want to look at something that many gamblers ignore as that is horses that led as 2-year olds. This gets into the dual qualifier system of handicapping horses in Kentucky Derby odds. Most past performances will show which horses are dual qualifiers in Kentucky Derby odds.

Another handicapping factor to look at in online Kentucky Derby betting is which horses won races of more than a mile as 2-year-olds. You want horses that have already shown they can win at a distance as you look at online Kentucky Derby betting. That goes right along with throwing out horses that didn’t win at age 2. If a horse hasn’t show he can win races do you really want your money on him in Kentucky Derby odds?

It is also important that the horses you are considering in Kentucky Derby odds are well prepared. This means that they have run recently and more than just one race. Horses that have had a long layoff are almost always go-against in Kentucky Derby odds. You want a horse that finished in the money in their last prep race in Kentucky Derby odds. They don’t have to win but they need to have been in the money. Many horses will take a step up in the Kentucky Derby but they almost never step up from out of the money to winning the Derby.

Two other Kentucky Derby odds handicapping tips that are well known are to never bet the post time favorite and to avoid jockeys and trainers that have never been in the Kentucky Derby. Keep some of these things in mind as you get involved in online Kentucky Derby betting this year.