This year Kentucky Derby Betting Odds & Form at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting odds are oftentimes determined by a horse’s recent form. If a horse is going to win in Kentucky Derby odds it is quite likely the horse will have either won or finished in the money in his previous race.

Kentucky Derby odds are going to favor the horses that have performed well recently. Rarely does a horse win in Kentucky Derby odds without having a good recent performance. In fact, you can eliminate any horse in Kentucky Derby odds that didn’t finish in the top four spots in his last race. Do you know how important this one factor is in Kentucky Derby odds? It has been over 40 years since a horse won in Kentucky Derby betting odds coming off a 5th or worse finish in his last race. Horses just don’t win the Derby coming off a bad performance.

Another part of the form to look at with Kentucky Derby betting odds is the prep races. The Blue Grass has produced a lot of winners in Kentucky Derby odds. Take a look at the top four finishers in the Blue Grass and give them a look as you bet Kentucky Derby betting odds.

If you go back into the Daily Racing Form you will also want to look at speed figures but don’t get carried away. The real number to look at to eliminate horses in Kentucky Derby odds is the number of 100. If a horse has not received at least one speed rating of 100 or more then throw him out. Horses that have not had a dominant race in the past just don’t win in Kentucky Derby betting odds. You can also quickly look at the Dosage Index and throw out horses that have a number higher than 4.00 in Kentucky Derby betting odds. These horses could have trouble making the distance and history has shown those horses with higher than a four rating in the Dosage don’t win in Kentucky Derby odds.

Those two factors on the form should eliminate a lot of horses in Kentucky Derby odds. For example, in 2008 there were only three horses that fit both of those criteria including the 2008 Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown. Rarely will it be that easy though. 2008 was just a year where there was not a lot of talent in the Kentucky Derby other than Big Brown.

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