Kentucky Derby Betting Favorites at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting favorites definitely have a bad reputation in the big race. It has become a widely known fact that the post time Kentucky Derby favorite is usually a bad bet. Will that trend hold true in 2008 online Kentucky Derby ? Let’s consider Kentucky Derby betting favorites.

Kentucky Derby betting favorites over the past 21 years have not done very well, winning only three times. Normally in 21 horse races the favorite would win about a third of the time, in this case, 7 times. Three wins by the Kentucky Derby betting favorite in 21 races translates into just over 14%. The second Kentucky Derby betting choice during that time period actually has more wins (4) than the Kentucky Derby favorite. The third choice in online Kentucky Derby almost has as many wins (2) during that time period. That is a definite difference compared to the other Triple Crown races (Preakness & Belmont). The Preakness favorite during the last 21 years has almost 43% of the time while the Belmont favorite has won almost 24% of the time.

History has shown that Kentucky Derby favorites don’t do well but that can change. Trends in horse racing just as in sports are subject to turn around at any time. Just look at what has happened recently with horses that take the non-traditional route to the Kentucky Derby like Street Sense and Smarty Jones. It used to be that the online Kentucky Derby winner would use certain prep races as the way to victory. That has also changed as the last 7 winners in Kentucky Derby  have all used different preps for their last race. Just look at the trainer and jockey angle in Kentucky Derby and how history has changed. In the last 9 years a different trainer has won in Kentucky Derby every single year. A different jockey has also won in online Kentucky Derby in each of the last nine years. History can be broken even when it comes to the Kentucky Derby favorite.


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