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Kentucky Derby betting odds picks are the most exciting to make because of the potential to hit a big ticket. Let’s look at a few things to keep in mind as you make your picks against Kentucky Derby odds.

Kentucky Derby odds tell us that the favorite wins less than a third of the time. It used to be that going against the favorite in Kentucky Derby odds was a given but the last two years have seen the favorite win with Big Brown and Street Sense. The goal in Kentucky Derby odds is to find a horse that is coming into the race in good form and with fair Kentucky Derby odds

The horse should have raced within the last 35 days or you shouldn’t be wagering on him in Kentucky Derby betting odds. The last horse to win without having a recent race was Needles in 1956. Most of the winners in Kentucky Derby odds have been horses that finished first or second in their last race coming up to the Derby. Most of these horses also performed very well as two year olds. The trainer and jockey of the winning horse in Kentucky Derby odds are usually not unknowns and have previous winning experience in big races.

Some people consider the Dosage System when wagering against Kentucky Derby odds but this system has grown cold in recent years. Stamina is still important but the Dosage Index is more important in the Belmont than in the Derby. You just don’t want a horse that has a high dosage number of over four. Lower is better in dosage numbers.

Almost everyone looks at speed figures when handicapping Kentucky Derby odds. This makes sense but the drawback is that everyone has the same information you have and rarely does a great speed horse go off at high Kentucky Derby betting odds. Speed is definitely a factor but rarely does a horse go wire to wire and win in Kentucky Derby betting odds.

As you consider Kentucky Derby betting odds make some wagers that go beyond the win, place and show. Bet a trifecta, a superfecta or even a pick three and look for a big payoff as you wager on Kentucky Derby odds this year. Big payoffs are possible in Kentucky Derby betting odds due to the size of the field and the popularity of the Kentucky Derby.

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