Preparing for 2010 Kentucky Derby Odds

2010 Kentucky Derby odds are perhaps the best horse racing odds of the entire year. It is also a race in which people that don’t bet another horse race all year will put some money down on their favorite horses.  Kentucky Derby betting is definitely different than other horse races.

2010 Kentucky Derby odds will normally have 20 horses for you to choose from.  That is going to be a big change from a normal race where you usually have just seven to twelve horses to look at.  In a normal horse race you don’t worry too much about your horse getting in trouble.  That is not the case with the Derby. You can handicap perfectly in 2010 Kentucky Derby odds and it may not matter because of the traffic.  You need to have a good horse and you also need your horse to stay out of trouble if you expect to win. That is not always easy with 20 horses battling for position around the first turn.

In 2010 Kentucky Derby odds it is always worth considering the horses that come from behind. If your horse gets into traffic problems it is not such a big deal because you are wagering on a horse that comes from behind.  If you are betting a horse that needs the lead or runs up front you have to stay out of trouble or you can’t win.

When you start handicapping 2010 Kentucky Derby odds you will look at the speed ratings. They are found in the Daily Racing Form and give you a good place to start.  Another thing to look at with Kentucky Derby betting is the distance factor.  Many horses are not ready to run a mile and a quarter.  The pedigree is important and that is why some handicappers look at the dosage index to see if a horse can run a distance. The lower the number, the better the horse should run longer distances.  The dosage index is important to consider in the Derby and in the Belmont.

As you get ready to bet the 2010 Kentucky Derby, you still want to look at other factors like the jockeys, trainers, etc. You also can look at the morning line odds. Many times in the past the favorite has not won this race but Big Brown won in 2008 as the favorite and Eskendereya could win as the favorite this year.