Pre-Post position draw Odds for the Kentucky Derby

November 1st, 2019 Kentucky Derby

We are in the proverbial final stretch before the Kentucky Derby and now we can finally give you our very own pre-Post position odds to win the race!

In the weeks leading up to it, we have given you our impressions on the favorites to win big at Churchill Downs. Today with our odd for betting on the Kentucky Derby finally up, we have that Nyquist is in fact the overall favorite with +250 odds. This wonder horse is expected to continue its winning streak. Being picked as the favorite should not come to a surprise to anybody, specially after the magnificent run this horse has had so far.

Much was discussed on Mohaymen and how its recent performances made him go from top contender to a big question mark. After dropping quite dramatically from the #1 spot in the Kentucky Derby point standings to #9, many experts are hesitant on this horses real chances this coming Saturday. However, this 3 year-old horse is not to be counted out. It still holds a fairly decent +650 odds for the big race.

The current #1 spot of the point’s board is held firmly by Gun Runner who in its own right is a great horse and a very interesting pick. Currently some experts pencil the horse owned by Winchell Thoroughbreds as the real threat for Nyquist’s win. Currently Gun Runner has +550 odds at our Racebook.

The other notable horse with great odds is one that has been quietly gaining momentum in the weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby is Exaggerator. Back since we started to cover the possible early favorites this horse was in the conversation, but not considered a real viable possibility to winning the Kentucky Derby. However, after the Santa Anita Derby, Exaggerator went from zero to hero, especially after that amazing win. This was enough to catch the eye of horse racing experts and the odds makers. The 3 year old is now with +550 odds to win the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

Another horse that has some popularity and could be long shot at Churchill Downs is Mor Spirit. With +900 odds, this horse is currently on the fringe of what could be a real surprise. Some bettor consider this horse to be good enough to give Nyquist and Gun Runner a good run, but there is still questions regarding its consistency.

Here are the complete pre-post position draw odds for the 2016 Kentucky Derby 

Mohaymen +650
Mor Spirit +900
Exaggerator +550
Gun Runner +550
Danzing Candy +1000
Mo Tom +1800
Shagaf +2500
Cherry Wine +4000
Brody’s Cause +1400
Collected +4500
Whitmore +1400
Tom’s Ready +4000
Discreetness +5000
Destin +1000
Outwork +1000
Suddenbreakingnews +1400
My Man Sam +1800
Lani +2400
Adventist +4500
Fellowship +4500
Laoban +6500
Oscar Nominated +5000
Dazzling Gem +5000

The odds initially posted could somewhat change after the Post Position draw for the Kentucky Derby, but the main favorites will probably not see their odds dramatically change.  But, when it comes to something as unpredictable as horse racing, you never know.

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