Popular Kentucky Derby Betting Factors at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting takes place on the first Saturday of May each year from the fabled Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky Derby odds date back all the way to 1875 when Churchill Downs first opened. As you look at Kentucky Derby betting what factors are the most important ones to consider?

Kentucky Derby betting will oftentimes have you considering 20 horses in the race. That is a large field, the largest any of these horses will run in. Anything can and does happen when that many horses go to the post. There are some factors you can consider as you look at Kentucky Derby betting and it is these we want to take a look at.

Kentucky Derby betting factor #1 to easily eliminate horses is to throw out any horse that didn’t race at two years old. Another one of the easy factors in Kentucky Derby betting to look at is to throw out any horse that didn’t have at least three prep races. Recent form is another factor as almost never does a Kentucky Derby betting horse win without having races within the past month.

Some people look only at speed when it comes to Kentucky Derby betting. That sounds good in theory but there are problems with speed figures if you are looking for longshots on the Kentucky Derby odds board. Everyone has the same speed figures you have so it is very unlikely a big speed figure horse is going to go off at anything other than low Kentucky Derby odds.

Some handicappers like to consider other factors like the jockey, the trainer, pedigree, dosage index, etc in Kentucky Derby betting. The problem with all of these factors is that none of them guarantee you a winner and they are all easily found by anyone in the Daily Racing Form. The Kentucky Derby is so unpredictable that anything can, and oftentimes does happen. That makes handicapping Kentucky Derby odds a bit of a challenge.

There is a lot of great information for you to consider in Kentucky Derby betting but it’s really only useful in separating contenders from pretenders. Rarely will these factors pick the winner for you and even when they do, you can count on the horse being the favorite in Kentucky Derby betting as was the case in 2008 with Big Brown and in 2007 with Street Sense.

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