Paying Big in Kentucky Derby Betting at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting is one of the few times during the year where gamblers can hit it big. Kentucky Derby odds have a lot of longshots and when they finish in the money the payouts can be huge. Let’s take a look at what can happen when Kentucky Derby  pays big.

Kentucky Derby  is so appealing because millions of people watch and wager on the race. The Kentucky Derby odds are much higher on horses than in other races for two reasons. First, the field is huge. There are usually 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby betting field and many of these horses will go off at double-digit odds. In fact, many times you will have more than half the Kentucky Derby betting field with Kentucky Derby odds of 10-1 or more. That means you can hit some big payoffs in Kentucky Derby betting.

Second, everyone bets the Kentucky Derby which means the pools are huge. If the favorite doesn’t win then the Kentucky Derby payoffs are much larger than in a normal race. Even when the favorite does win in the Kentucky Derby you can still see the exotics pay very well. In 2007 with two favorites in the money (Street Sense and Curlin) the Superfecta paid over $29,000. It paid over $84,000 for a $2 ticket when Barbaro won in 2006 and he was just a 6-1 choice. In 2005 when Giacomo won the Kentucky Derby at 50-1 a $1 Superfecta ticket was a life changing event for someone as it paid over $864,000. The trifecta that year paid over $133,000. That shows you what can happen in Kentucky Derby  when the longshots come in.

Even though favorites have won recently in Kentucky Derby  they still have a poor record overall in the last two decades. What you want to look for when you handicap the Kentucky Derby are horses that can fill out your exotic tickets. That is the way to make big money with your Kentucky Derby .

Handicapping Kentucky Derby odds is one of the greatest but most exciting challenges in all of horse racing. There is nothing better than picking the winner in Kentucky Derby . Picking other horses in addition to the winner though is where the big payouts come in Kentucky Derby .

Get ready for this year’s Kentucky Derby and don’t be afraid to play the exotics and look for the big score. Open an Account and start betting on the 2009 Kentucky Derby at SBG Global!


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