Overanalyzing Kentucky Derby Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby betting is probably analyzed more than any other type of horse racing betting.

The Kentucky Derby is arguably the biggest horse race of the year and it is broken down from a number of different angles. Is all of this analyzing too much when it comes to online Kentucky Derby betting?

Kentucky Derby betting for the 2008 Kentucky Derby will have Big Brown as the likely favorite. He is by far the most talented of the 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby betting field. He will probably go off at odds of anywhere between 5-2 and 3-1 in online Kentucky Derby betting. He really should be 6-5 or even money in online Kentucky Derby betting but he has those “knocks” against him. He has only raced three times in his career and has had a layoff of more than a month. No horse that has started three times or less has won the Kentucky Derby since Regret did it in 1915. Curlin tried it last year in Kentucky Derby betting and failed.

Kentucky Derby betting is more overanalyzed than any other type of horse racing betting. Horse bettors continually look at factors like the Dosage Index, prep races, pedigree, etc. In recent years all of these factors seem to be going out the window in Kentucky Derby betting. Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby after a five week layoff. If you really want to keep things simple in Kentucky Derby betting; and most people won’t, then just look at speed figures. Big Brown dominates the 2008 Kentucky Derby betting field. In fact, this group of 20 horses other than Big Brown could be the weakest Kentucky Derby betting field in recent memory.

Sometimes in Kentucky Derby betting, and in all forms of betting, keeping things simple works the best. You can look at all of the factors and the history and the trends and try and come up with a Kentucky Derby betting winner or you can simply take the best horse. That is Big Brown and he should win in 2008 online Kentucky Derby betting.

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