Online Kentucky Derby Betting is the Start at SBG Global

Online Kentucky Derby betting for many people begins the horse racing season. There are many gamblers that don’t even look at horse racing until the Kentucky Derby.  For them it all starts in early May with Kentucky Derby betting. Online Kentucky Derby betting begins the Triple Crown and that is definitely part of the appeal.  The Derby is the first race with the Preakness and Belmont to follow.  Only eleven horses have won the Triple Crown and none have done it since Affirmed back in 1978.  Eventually a horse will break the Triple Crown drought but people keep saying that every year.

Online Kentucky Derby betting can be very unpredictable which is why it is so exciting.  The favorite rarely wins, the last two years withstanding as only 5 of the last 30 Kentucky Derby betting favorites have won.  Many people won’t be the favorite because of those online Kentucky Derby stats but history can change as the last two years have proven with Street Sense and Big Brown winning.

Some people won’t make another horse racing bet all year but they will get involved in online Kentucky Derby betting.  The public bets this race more than any other race of the entire year. That is great news for you as a bettor since the pools and the payoffs are much larger than normal in online Kentucky Derby.

A couple of quick tips for online Kentucky Derby betting involve stamina and speed.  Some horses just can’t go a mile and a quarter so you can immediately throw them out in online Kentucky Derby.  The Dosage Index is where you can find these stats as horses with high Dosage numbers are bad since they probably can’t run a distance but anything lower than a four is fine.

Speed is also important as online Kentucky Derby betting is about finding quality horses that can run fast speeds.  Look for horses in Kentucky Derby betting that have Beyer speed numbers of 100 or more in their past few races.  Stamina and speed are important considerations in online Kentucky Derby and they are two factors that are quick and easy to find.

There are a lot of great choices in online Kentucky Derby.  Even if you don’t make another wager all year you should take a look at the various options in Kentucky Derby betting this year.

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