Mafaaz Profile Kentucky Derby Odds

Kentucky Derby odds makers have host of potential horses to pick through when trying to set the betting lines for the most famous horse race on the planet. This year there are several horses that have caught the eye of the Kentucky Derby betting crowd and one of them was Mafaaz. However, as of April 16th it was announced that Mafaaz will no longer be in the Kentucky Derby for 2009.

Kentucky Derby odds had Mafaaz listed as 40/1 favorite to win the race. Not exactly a front runner but about mid-pack. And that was a pretty good place for a horse to be positioned in terms of  Kentucky Derby odds. Any higher and the payouts would have suffered, but still competitive enough to warrant serious consideration in the 2009 Kentucky Derby odds.

The horse is owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum and trained by Kiaran McLaughlin. Mafaaz is a British trained horse with a strong European pedigree. The lineage is there as his sire Medicean comes from the same line that sired the 2007 Kentucky Derby winner. His dam, Complimentary Pass, is also a worthy bloodline for the 2009 Kentucky Derby odds, having bred several other winners and known for her stamina.

Mafaaz runs well at a mile and a quarter lengths and there were no stamina issues that  Kentucky Derby odds fans should have concerned themselves with. However, dirt surfaces are not exactly the horse’s forte and there was much debate about how well Mafaaz would have run in the Kentucky Derby betting because of this.

In Europe, this horse was spectacular racking up two wins and a fifth place finish before shipping out for the US to train for the 2009 Kentucky Derby odds competition. Since arriving on US soil Mafaaz has run just one race, the Blue Grass, which is considered a great primer for the 2009 Kentucky Derby odds race (April 11th). It was very disappointing finish at eighth and the last prep work the horse would have gotten before the Derby.

It’s difficult to tell how a horse from Europe will run in the US after just one race but the Blue Grass results have to leave a bitter taste in the mouth of any potential 2009 Kentucky Derby odds bettor. As is the case so often with European horses, softer competition inflates their potential, especially on turf, but they tend to have a tough time adjusting to US racing, especially in major races like the 2009 Kentucky Derby odds competition.

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