Kentucky Derby Wagering Options at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby wagering options can be made at anytime before the race begins on Saturday, May 3rd.

Those options will include the normal win, place and show Kentucky Derby betting choices but they will also include exotic wagers and matchups.

Kentucky Derby wagering really picks up the week before the Kentucky Derby and increases dramatically on Friday and then goes up substantially on race day. While many gamblers focus on win, place and show wagers, others will look at exotics and even consider matchups. The Kentucky Derby wagering exotic options include the daily double which usually is the Kentucky Oaks on Friday to the Derby on Saturday. Other Kentucky Derby wagering exotics include the pick three, pick four and pick six. Kentucky Derby betting pick three’s can sometimes have the Derby as the first, second or third race since the Derby may not be the final race of the day at Churchill Downs. The Pick Four is the final four races of the day at Churchill Downs and will include the Derby while the Pick Six is usually the final four races of the day. Many gamblers will look to box horses in exotic wagers. That way instead of having just one horse as a possibility they have many. This is really the only realistic way to hit a pick three, pick four or pick six in Kentucky Derby wagering.

In addition to all of the above Kentucky Derby wagering choices you also have what are called matchups. These Kentucky Derby betting choices are where the sportsbook will matchup one horse against another. There will oftentimes be anywhere from five to 10 Kentucky Derby wagering matchups on the board. With a matchup all you have to do is have your horse finish better than the other horse to win in Kentucky Derby wagering. These Kentucky Derby betting matchups give gamblers some great options to win money in addition to the normal Kentucky Derby wagering choices.

You might also see interesting propositions in Kentucky Derby wagering such as the margin of victory by the winner, the winning time, winning trainer, etc. These are great options to look at to enhance your Kentucky Derby wagering.

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