Kentucky Derby Wagering Contenders at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby Wagering Contenders at SBG Global Sports Betting There is Kentucky Derby wagering on future book action where the odds are much different than they will be in May. Kentucky Derby betting is always speculative and that is definitely the case with future book wagering although the contenders usually start to appear.

Kentucky Derby wagering is the most popular type of horse racing betting, as the first race of the Triple Crown gets a lot of attention. The future book Kentucky Derby is always interesting to look at. In 1962 a horse named Sir Gaylord had odds of 20-1 early on in Kentucky Derby betting but was down to 3-5 the day before the race. Unfortunately the horse suffered a bone fracture and was retired before the race which means all those that had him in future book Kentucky Derby  were losers. That is the risk of Kentucky Derby wagering before the actual race begins. That doesn’t mean bettors won’t take a shot in Kentucky Derby wagering on the futures board. Many sportsbooks will offer Kentucky Derby betting odds on 300 or 400 horses, most that have no chance of even running in the Kentucky Derby. Many gamblers that looked at Kentucky Derby futures thought that War Pass was an attractive horse. They are now rethinking those wagers since War Pass looks like a speed horse that can’t make the distance. Pyro is another horse that is getting attention on Kentucky Derby . It helps that he is trained by Steve Asmussen, the trainer of 2007 Horse of the Year, Curlin. The horse that ended as the Kentucky Derby future book favorite is Big Brown who ended at odds of 3-1.

Kentucky Derby futures are interesting to consider. It is risky and usually doesn’t pay off but it sure is exciting though if you happen to pick a longshot that actually makes the Kentucky Derby and has a chance to win in Kentucky Derby betting. What might be the way to look at futures wagering for the Derby is to wait until a horse has run a couple of races and then take a shot in the final futures pool that closes in early April.