Kentucky Derby Odds Handicapping at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds give you the choices of betting horses to win, place, and show in addition to exotic betting. The exotics are the way many gamblers like to get involved in online Kentucky Derby betting because they offer a lot of value. Let’s look at how to handicap Kentucky Derby odds and take a look at some factors that can be important.

Kentucky Derby odds handicapping can sometimes begin with looking at the Daily Racing Form and the past performances of the horses. The past performances list the previous races and many other facts like trainer, jockey, etc. Looking at past performances can sometimes tell you how a horse will fare in Kentucky Derby odds.

Online Kentucky Derby betting gives you many different choices and some gamblers will look at the form and consider the jockey and trainer. Rarely does an inexperienced jockey or trainer win in Kentucky Derby odds. It is also important in Kentucky Derby odds to get a feel for each horse. The best way to do that is to watch the horse in action. Many websites will show previous races for the horses. You might want to look for a horse in Kentucky Derby that has overcome a tough trip to still win previous races.

You should also consider what some of the experts are saying about Kentucky Derby odds. You don’t always want to go with their opinion but you want to get the general “word on the street” feel for the race and the Kentucky Derby. It is hard to follow all 20 horses in Kentucky Derbyso you need to read as much as you can about the horses. Online Kentucky Derby betting is really unlike other horse betting because of the large field. Anything can happen with all of the traffic involved with that many horses. This is a good news/bad news scenario for you when involved in online Kentucky Derby betting. It is good news because the payoffs can be big in Kentucky Derby but it is bad news because the race can oftentimes be very unpredictable.