Kentucky Derby Betting Tips at SBG Global

Horse race bet winners can be found but it is not always as easy as it appears. Kentucky Derby Odds will give you a lot of value if you are able to do a few things. Let’s look at some Kentucky Derby tips that can help you pick more winners.

Kentucky Derby can be all about hitting the big ticket for some gamblers. That means finding horses that have the best chance to win the race on the Kentucky Derby Odds board. Here are some Kentucky Derby Betting tips to consider.

1 – Avoid any trainer or jockey in Kentucky Derby handicapping if they are running in their first Kentucky Derby. Experience is very important in the Derby and rarely does a new jockey or trainer win on their first try.

2 – Don’t give as much weight to Dosage and Dual Qualifiers as in past years in Kentucky Derby . Recently those two factors haven’t mattered. You can still look at them but don’t use them as your main handicapping factor when looking at Kentucky Derby Odds.

3 – Look for horses that finished in the money in their last start. Rarely does a horse win in Kentucky Derby Betting if they bombed in their last effort. That doesn’t mean the horse has to win his last start, but you don’t want a horse that finished out of the money.

4 – Don’t pick the post time favorite in Kentucky Derby. This is a well known tip but it is still valid. Rarely does the post time Kentucky Derby Odds favorite ever win in Kentucky Derby betting. The public also rarely picks a winner and whatever horse the public likes the best will end up being the favorite. Just as in other forms of betting, you rarely want to be on the same side as the public.

5 – Pick horses for your exotic tickets that have won at least one stakes race in the past. You don’t want a horse that doesn’t know how to win a big race in Kentucky Derby. It also helps if the horses you select in Kentucky Derby Betting have run at least one race of a mile and an eighth or more in their career.


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