Kentucky Derby Betting Speed at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting speed is far more important than it might seem. Speed figures are those you see in the Daily Racing Form and they are important to consider when you are looking at online Kentucky Derby . Let’s consider some facts over the past 10 years in regards to Kentucky Derby speed numbers.

Kentucky Derby history tells us that in the past 10 years the average winning Beyer number in the Kentucky Derby is just over 109. Monarchos had the high number in 2001 with a 116. Giacomo had the lowest in 2005 with a 100 when he won in Kentucky Derby. That means a horse must be capable of running a solid triple-digit Beyer in order to win in Kentucky Derby betting. That should tell you to automatically throw out a horse that has never run a 100 or better as you look at online Kentucky Derby betting. Do you really want your money on a horse in online Kentucky Derby that has never proven he can run that well?

The last race is a good place to look at speed figures in preparation for Kentucky Derby. The average Beyer number for the past 10 Kentucky Derby betting winners in their last prep race was almost 105. It was almost 101 in their next to last prep race. It should be noted that 8 of the last 14 Kentucky Derby winners had back-to-back 100+ speed figures in their last two races. Street Sense didn’t have a great number in 2007 in his last prep but his previous two Beyer numbers were 102 and 108 so the polytrack number of 93 may have been a misnomer. You want a horse that has shown top speed figures in at least one of his last two races as you get ready for Kentucky Derby.

There is no question that speed figures separate the contenders from the pretenders in Kentucky Derby betting. You really want a horse that is capable of a big effort when you are looking at online Kentucky Derby . Take a look at the past two Beyer speed numbers and find the top few horses and get ready to win in Kentucky Derby.


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