Kentucky Derby Betting Speed Figures at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby Betting speed figures are one of the main ways that gamblers handicap the Kentucky Derby The Daily Racing Form began putting Beyer Speed Figures in the Form in 1992 and many gamblers look at them when wagering on Kentucky Derby Odds. Let’s consider speed figures as they apply to Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby will have gamblers looking at about 20 horses in the field and that makes for exciting and sometimes difficult handicapping. Speed figures can narrow that handicapping process down. The average speed figure that the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby has earned is 109. Most Kentucky Derby winning horses have earned at least one Beyer speed figure of 100 before they won the Derby. In the past 14 years there have only been two horses that didn’t earn a speed figure of at least 100. Giacaomo and Sea Hero were those two horses that defied the speed figure history and bucked the Kentucky Derby Odds. Most horses that win in Kentucky Derby have proven they can run a great race. 9 of the past 14 Kentucky Derby winners have had speed figures of more than 100 in at least two of their final three prep races.

Picking the winner in Kentucky Derby is not always easy since it is such a large field. Speed figures are a good place to start though as you examine Kentucky Derby Odds. You can usually throw out horses that have never run a top speed figure. If they have never done it in the past it is unlikely they are going to do it in the most important race of their career. If you are going to risk your hard earned money in Kentucky Derby Betting you definitely want a horse that has proven they can run a great race. That doesn’t mean your horse will win, especially with so many horses in the field, but you will have a good chance in Kentucky Derby.

What looking at speed figures can also do for you in Kentucky Derby is eliminate horses. That is a big part of handicapping Kentucky Derby Odds since the field is so large. Look at the speed figures and narrow down the horses that can potentially win in Kentucky Derby Betting. That is the best way to utilize speed figures in Kentucky Derby.


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