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November 30, 2010 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Odds can be handicapped in a variety of ways but the first rule about Kentucky Derby Betting is that the favorite almost never wins the race

Nearly all of the so-called best horses in Kentucky Derby Odds usually go down in flames. Let’s consider some other Kentucky Derby Odds handicapping tips.

Kentucky Derby Odds will change right up until post time but usually you have once horse that everyone likes. You now know that betting this horse is a mistake. Finding the best horse in Kentucky Derby Betting is not always easy and it is tougher in the Derby because there are so many horses. Normally you look at a horse race and see 8-10 horses. In the Kentucky Derby you have anywhere from 15-20 horses. That is almost twice as many and makes the Kentucky Derby Odds handicapping twice as tough. Most people begin their Kentucky Derby Odds handicapping by looking at the race program but with so many horses it is tough to find out enough great information from the program.

A couple of things to consider in Kentucky Derby Betting are recent form and pedigree. You want to make sure as you look at Kentucky Derby Odds that the horse you like has raced within the past month. You also want to make sure your horse can go the 1 ¼ mile distance. Most Kentucky Derby Odds handicappers look at the Dosage Index which gives you the horse’s pedigree and whether or not he is likely to make the distance. The figures will range from 1.25 up to more than 4.00. You want a horse with a low number as you consider Kentucky Derby Odds. Since 1875 only four horses have won in terms of Kentucky Derby Odds if they had a dosage of greater than 4.00.

Another couple of tips to consider in handicapping Kentucky Derby Odds are the Gelding and Filly factor. Only one gelding has ever won the Derby since 1929 and that was Funny Cide in 2003. Only three fillies have every won the Derby and it is rare when a filly is entered as most run in the Kentucky Oaks the previous day.

These are just a few things to consider as you look at Kentucky Derby Betting this year.

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